Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-14

A busy Tweeting week – again mostly keeping up with The Challenge 2010.

Also something I find annoying – you must get to a point when you have loads of followers that you don’t answer most of the Tweets sent to you. This doesn’t give a good impression to the ones who have spent the time trying to communicate with you – What’s the answer? Do you get to a point like in blogs where when you reach a certain point of popularity that you then have to read through numerous comments that come in for every post you make?

Personally, whatever the medium, I cannot help feeling my estimation of the person goes down when a communication isn’t answered. It’s a social thing – like talking to someone and them they do not answer you, naturally can be a frustrating experience.

Don’t know the answer – sorry… Just do you best to answer, just enough response to be courteous, even to answer a question with ‘I don’t know?’ might prompt someone else with more time on their hands to give a proper answer.

  • @JeanineByers Hi Jeanine, I am not going to make it. Other priorities took over 🙁 But Great you made it!!! 🙂 I’ll be there on #HAHD 5 in reply to JeanineByers #
  • @AndrewNez 3D abomination + Jackass! Just be grateful that it only uses 2 of our senses in reply to AndrewNez #
  • Working full out on creating about 100 sites – Shame I missed the #HAHD 4 deadline – I’ll get the leather notebook next time 🙂 #
  • A new trend I notice looking at my site logs – visits from Playstation Sony PS3.0 browsers!! #
  • @trishawebs Nice one Trisha- I sometimes just write the titles down in a list when inspiration takes me, later when I write it all comes out in reply to trishawebs #
  • @LisaHartwell For that insolence Lisa I will follow you 🙂 in reply to LisaHartwell #
  • @TraciKnoppe Happy ‘8 9 10’ day! (that’s today’s date!) LOL | Here in the UK we have to wait 30 days for ‘8 9 10’ day 🙂 in reply to TraciKnoppe #
  • @LisaHartwell No! But there are times when I wish I was, I would be able to finish all my tasks without any interesting distraction 🙂 in reply to LisaHartwell #
  • @IckleAndy It’s very disappointing Andy – We were hoping for a British summer weather repeat of 2006 🙁 in reply to IckleAndy #
  • @Angela_Michele Microwave – you could try 🙂 in reply to Angela_Michele #
  • RT @Ed_Dale: Small Success Story From the 2007 Challenge – #tc10 | Well Done Trish! #
  • Strange to see Google now updating really fast!!! I see results from Twitter faster than I see from Twitter??? #
  • @IckleAndy Oh yes remember it well, unfortunately we were having a party when the floods broke, traffic from the Forest was totally blocked in reply to IckleAndy #
  • @Mujahida_Latte Do you mean these kinds of flat iron? in reply to Mujahida_Latte #
  • @RichieM_ Hehe – To-noight I’ll be mostly wroiting with moi ten minute egg toimer #tc10 in reply to RichieM_ #
  • RT @ThisIsSethsBlog Seth’s Blog: Information about information | Think about how you can create value with this idea #
  • @UnmannedInc Really looking forward to seeing this #
  • @DanRaine Not the WP Plugin that on post spin updates all article directories, social sites, notifies all friends 4 comment is it? in reply to DanRaine #
  • Has given up smoking for the last time – again – but this time its different – really 🙂 #
  • Is wondering the virtues of the ‘Like My Page – Or the Puppy Gets It!!’ button #
  • Woohoo – straight away – spammed by a Twitter ‘likes’ bot – I’m annoyed my ‘buy it now’ one didn’t work actually #
  • Is it possible to sell site links or ads or action on FarmVille yet – for a reward of a custom tree, crop, building or implement?? #future #
  • I must hash my nouns 🙂 #
  • Have been doing so much content writing it is looking all the same now?! Beginning to turn into Jack Nicholson’s character in The Shining!!! #
  • The Twit Network – awesome – a must see ‘Facebook movie’ inspired Twitter movie parody – – U Gotta RT this 🙂 #
  • Uh #Facebook Video! What’s Next? Facebook Maps? FaceImages? FaceBlogger? FaceAlerts? FaceMail? FaceBooks? Oh we already did that… #
  • Butterfly Denies Causing Texas Tornado via @shawndm | Testing my new Tweet Button #
  • This is a VERY distracting app, see how health & wealth have changed in the world over the last 200 years #
  • Excellent – I love the daily’s I would have missed the Challenge Basset Hounds if I had not of read it 🙂 #
  • Early morning on a typical English summer day and the sky is a wonderful grey and the rain is shining #

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