Ways to make money on the Internet?

You probably get to see many of these in your Inbox – especially if you are involved in the industry, but do you wonder how many of them actually work? Well I have an idea that needs a few Internet skeptics like myself …… let’s find out shall we?

I have an old domain, aptly named that I have never used called skepticreviews.com that could do with some purpose 🙂

I would like to gather together a group of Internet developers, marketers, entrepreneurs or skeptics who would spend the time following any of these schemes to the word and reporting back their experiences and success – or lack of it. This team will keep each of these projects under wraps for a set time and then a full report would be put together either giving each system a thumbs up or kicking it out.

Even though the team would share the experiences between themselves obviously the full report must respect the originators information product and not give away what they are selling for free. Though if a system is truly rubbish or has no value then the results will pretty much speak for themselves. It would be important that the information given back be accurate and truthful, so it would mean any system would have to be treated clinically with what time, resources, money or previous experience has been put to use. So if this was started I would need to ensure that whoever else joins in would be able to follow the same rules and document their experience methodically. However, I am pretty sure that this team would be respected for their opinion and looked upon to give accurate feedback or review of any system out there.

There are probably a lot of opportunities here for the proposed team and lots of other things to consider, but it is something that I wish already existed on the Internet and I am sure will do well if done properly…

Let me know if you have any thoughts or would like to join in…

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