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This may be a somewhat cryptic post for those who have no idea of my motivation in life but it is for me a release of ideas and feeling that I will go into more when I have learned some basics.

A journey and what has it got to do with my Internet Marketing friends…

Unfathomable as a Child

Since being a child and probably left alone too much I discovered an area of thought that to me was like a landscape. I could only imagine in three dimensions and the thoughts were essentially one dimensional but they were connected in ways that were absolute and beautiful like a painting done in ten, twenty or a hundred dimensions. They were solid and true concepts that tried as much as possible to connect to the intangible less solid world around me to describe what things really were. You see the imagination of a child has no real sold attachments to any real physical objects just supposedly the warmth, tenderness and love of the sensations that bombarded them since coming into the chaos. Essentially for me much of that was missing, though without blame and with as much understand of human plight that I could achieve the result was a suffering. This suffering was a disability, mostly communication, somewhat social, but really in connectedness with normal ideas thrown at the child in its development.

Landscape of Universal Fabric – What’s that?

However, dreams and imagination are the comfortable anchors that allow this reaching out to be fulfilled and connected. This wasn’t to frail concepts in life that were constantly being ripped up and changed but to ideals that were in essence timeless and unbounded. Patterns in a landscape with the certainty of mathematics and the beauty of music. They were the ideals that we are all born with, beautiful ideas that need the exploration and discovery throughout a conscious life that empathises with a wonderful universe that somehow created it. The highest ideals that need to be revered above all tangible things that are God-like in power and absolutely unchangeable.  They are the fabric but seemingly disconnected framework of the universe in which we try to travel. Our method of motion between these patterns are thoughts, complex energies that somehow struggle to reach the purity of the landscape in which they are travelling and often so far removed from it they take the unusual forms of both imagination and falsehood, of searching and deception, of stories or fantasy  to lies and untruth. But they are always alive, always energy and always needed for without them there is nothing.

My Mistake of Playing Safe

To try and climb the peaks of this landscape our thoughts are our highest ideals, our biggest thoughts, dreams and aspirations. Somehow empathising with the universe in which they live, definitely empathising with everything that has thought within it and to all things perceived to be beautiful, truth and right. I never could explain this landscape, tried invented languages, ideas and concepts but without feedback left me alone, better staying quiet. To try to explain it I still have difficulty but I have new friends pushing the boundaries that walled my progress. I kept solace with the material technical, purely physical and mathematical abstracts of the landscape and made it my vocation. I was safe, understood and could make progress.

However, age, mortality and the simple misunderstood yearning to do something wonderful has pushed this safe haven out of the way and the struggle comes back with a vengeance. Years have passed and no progress made and the pressure is building to either promise me insanity and mediocrity or the achievement of a life’s work and satisfaction of the removal the biggest pain imaginable.

The journey has now brought me close to the edge, of having a useless life and unsuccessful in almost every way unless I stop being lazy and at least take some treks into the uncomfortable world of communication.

Here I am now…

A totally different direction and with friends helping me discover the art of communication, with the added advantage of providing the resources needed to accomplish some of the original goals imagined when I was younger.

The world is moving towards these peaks and the empathy that is within everyone is taking hold and producing thoughts that we can actually reach towards the peaks. The communication layer is building, joining everyone  and the organisation of ideals possible. We are the most fortunate generation, the most connected and the most skilled in taking us to the next level. Caring and empathising with each other, other life and the world around us, reaching towards the universe that is our destiny. So the possibilities exist to remove all that is wrong, false and harmful as we reach towards a way of organising our thoughts. My hope is that all this will organise our actions, producing effort that is positive not just for ourselves and our own journeys, but efficiently for each other, for all life that exists here and beyond.

Here I will go forward…

To gather the resources for doing something worthwhile I need to win in another world, the system that is now, whether right or wrong it needs to be beaten. However hard or uncomfortable it may be. To gather the resources that matter in such a way that it will ultimately give form to the system that doesn’t need it. No more inequality, no more secrets, no more useless suffering of those bound at the lower layers of the system. To remove the centres of power and distribute it amongst everyone.

My Internet Marketing Friends

My friends are strangely among the Internet Marketers, who I have the deepest respect, who tread into a system and use it not only to their own advantage but for helping others. These people have the power to change the world, yet I don’t think many realise it. The skills needed to float within the current system means exploring some of the basic forms of communication and encouragement never known before in the history of known mankind. Learning this art from these pioneers is giving me the communication skills and resources I need to move forward. These friends are giving me the skills to go from deficit within the current system to move towards a level where I myself can do something good in the world.

Flat World Tribe

We spent many years with the false idea of a flat world and one of our biggest advances was the realisation that it was not. We have now lived civilised life in a layered society of many levels of power and ability taking huge and complex shapes. So it seems strange my goal is to flatten the world once again. I always wished I could take over the shape that exists all by myself and then hand it back powerless but for the equal voice of everyone caught in it. I will work towards it but now the realisation through my friends is that it needn’t be this course. That somehow a tribe is developing that will do this themselves, that only need one thing – the tools needed to combine their efforts, energies and vision, to look after this world we live in.

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