With Success the Universe is Actually On Your Side

The snow this Christmas has been fantastic, with the children having a wonderful time sleighing down a nearby hill. Having broken totally the normal patterns of daily life and joining in with their fun and laughter I found myself thinking over my own actions of the year and thinking about what actually makes for success. It started with being a little tired of all the ‘guru dependence’ that I have personally wasted my time on, but thinking about why it works for some and not others.

We come back to action … without it no change ever occurs, no learning or listening ever achieves anything unless it is taken. Thinking about the inspiration that has been given by those that that teach it, we often find it begins with a motivational speaker. But where does it go from there? Let’s enter the stage…

The motivational speaker gets up on in front of the audience to a tumultuous applause, shouting out positive phrases that work the crowd into a frenzy of appreciation and anticipation.

But do you believe the hype, does this seem all fantasy to you?

Are you the type that thinks this is all theatrical, just a performance, a sleight-of-hand with the emotions of the crowd?

Is the audience fooling itself into believing that this is what they need to do anything positive in the world.

I have to admit that I to hold the sense of disbelief that this is the answer to achieving anything positive in the world. I personally find it strangely annoying to watch or listen to the dramatics unfolding on this stage. I have experienced the transient lift of feelings that last for the duration of the performance and just for a little while longer until reality seems to take over and prove to me that this isn’t the way that it really works.

However logic takes over and rescues my thinking to prove one thing, that there is some truth, some eternal process, beneath all of this that is simply the law of the universe.

You cannot win a lottery if you don’t have a ticket.

You cannot produce anything if you do nothing.

So what does this all mean? If you think positively, if you act positively, if you work positively and actually create then we become successful?


If you think negatively, if you act negatively, if you hold on to negativity and not create anything at all, then can we become successful?

Absolutely not!

So in the law of the universe, you’ll never, ever, throughout your life achieve success without holding onto positive thinking, positive action and undertaking any action that would take you towards success.

Try to find any way that rule can be broken. You might think by chance it can occur, but of course anything positive from a randomly created positive event can be quickly destroyed soo after. So it holds eternally true…

So in the theatrics of the motivational speaker, we see just entertainment unfolding, it is just an expression among many others that we find in life. But this entertainment is built upon the real principles you need to achieve anything in life.

There are no guarantees… no absolute principles… that will cover every eventuality of your complex life and guarantee your success. No-one or application will ensure that you achieve four desires… But there are mathematical laws of the universe, the combination and cumulation of events, the addition of action upon similar action, that increase the probability of you achieving absolutely anything that you want. That statistically if you keep trying to keep acting consistently towards the goal you wish to achieve then logically you increase the chances of success to a point where it will be practically impossible not to achieve it.

So for those that flourish by listening to the motivational speaker, use it as much as you possibly can. For those that don’t, the more worldly wise of us, who see probably too much of what can go wrong to believe, then find other means of helping you – or possibly hold off your disbelief for a moment and  join in with this apparent fantasy world for a little while.

Whatever positive you can take away with you is yours, keep it, constantly, use it to achieve your dreams.

With positive action, cumulative and consistently applied you’ll find the laws of the universe are on your side.

It annoys me that it takes me forty-seven years to find the inspiration contained here and it comes not from listening to the advice of others, but simply from a wonderful day spent on a cold day away from apparently the cold realities of life.

I will be using this going forward… I must take action and hold off my own cynicism that pretends to be the real world that I see and follow anything positive that I may find.

Have a wonderful Christmas … escape realities for a while and enjoy all the festive fantasies that you can create…

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