The Changing

Have you noticed that nowadays, more and more people are changing, more and more people want to help the world become a better place. More ways are being found. The undercurrents of good feeling and love towards each other is increasingly steadily as the amount of change taking places rapidly rises. There is definitely something going on in world, underneath it all, or over it all, that is increasingly the self-awareness of everyone. You’ll find that all the good ideas you have, seem to be echoed in others in possibly the far corners of the world, to great detail, as if by telepathy. Many are living their life on their own terms but it seems that ALL are part of this evolution.

Years ago, in a less communicative age, I would dream that my life would have a purpose of helping everyone and doing something wonderful and create possibilities that I could get involved in. Well apparently, the more mundane day to day issues of life had other plans and enveloped into another existence. Half a century later I am in mediocrity and no one of any notable worth. However, my experience all seems to be strangely connected to the greater things happening in our life. The ideas that I had, that promised to save and improve life as we knew it where being shouted by other people. What is more, as the communication increased I could see that they were not only thinking it, they were doing it and in many cases joined in with many others working towards that end. To my shame that did upset me – they were my ideas after all! They were stealing my thunder as I wallowed in mediocrity and doing nothing of value. This did not happen, once or twice, or ten to twenty times, this happened with thousands of ideas. My days of writing them down in a book, on pieces of paper, or just carrying them around in my head go right back to my teens.

It dawned on me over the decades that this was in fact happening to everyone…

The comfort is now of course that I don’t feel any responsibility to the world for any of the plans I did not carry through. The guilt of not being able to raise myself to complete any of them was not necessary. These things are all taking place anyway.

I also started to notice the pattern of the changing that seems to happen to people. I would notice that someone appearing well grounded, earthly, maybe materialistic breaking down and having moments of appearing to be spaced out, more out there and entertaining ideas that were certainly foreign to them in earlier years. This pattern was not a single cycle, it was not a case of waking the next day and being totally different, but I am sure it did happen at times. This pattern would sometimes switch on for a while then give them some relief as it switched back off.

As it continued, it appeared that some old models were being assumed, like those of deep thought or spirituality in ages before ours. Some would become seemingly over happy, maybe to you even annoyingly joyful, how dare they… Things however would be changing for them as life got neglected.

Others became religious, or more spiritual, much calmer, zen-like, guru-like. They come into this wanting to change the world with what they now realise is needed to prevent it suffering.

Later, or at multiple times, this cycle leaves them exhausted and they may even wonder why the universe has forsaken them.

Again, others in the cyclic throws of ecstasy, or confusion, or even madness, are the most changeable. One moment they are concentrating and communicating the most geekiest ordinary details to a formal world waiting for their expertise, the next they are writing seemingly sounds to obscure weirdness or gibberish. You’ll notice that their professional edge is eroded immensely. The well-dressed image of the suit and tie gives way to the faded jeans and t-shirt. The well thought out written material becomes incomprehensible and full of syntax and grammar mistakes.

I notice these people often as I watch those showing these traits. Indeed I do manage when I am more noisy to attract these people. Being one of them seems to follow logically. I find it amusing to see the process take hold, especially when it is at the start. Though I am concerned when I see it because I know how dangerous it is to themselves and those that rely on them. Suddenly their outside life changes, maybe they stop working like they used to, maybe the responsibilities that once governed them suddenly don’t seem so important any more. I am afraid there is nothing that can be done for them – it has to be this way. The cycle will settle or the person will die in the middle of the maelstrom. Or they become the teachers, the gurus… (Aside – To my friends and colleagues I see going through this bump in the road … the answer is apparently ‘love’ and ‘being’ … yes, that answer was a surprise and seemed nonsense to me too.)

However, I notice through historical, philosophical, and religious teaching, the gurus will invite you to metaphorically leave this reality, go to nirvana, heaven etc. Leave this world behind. All is illusion. Not real. Believe me, through the depression of conflicting beliefs there were many, many, times I wished I could – to just let go – even to simply ‘not be’. The yearning for an ordinary life, or mind, was to remain for many years. More recently I have entered the illusion and seen it has structure. I hope my thoughts are symbolically robust enough to make sense of it. There is something wonderful here to think through, to understand, or to ‘be’ – it seems the connections need to be made.

As it is above – it is below – is too simplistic, we are not connecting the two. Above and below are part of the same ‘point’. The same ‘rules’ apply and are fundamental to it all. I will spend a moment here explaining it in everyday terms, because it is an important reason. It is the reason the ‘changing’ is taking place now. We have an ‘East’ – ‘West’ religious structure in existence. We have spirituality and science. We have music and mathematics. It seems that none would ever agree. But they are part of a much larger structure that perfectly explains their presence. The scientific ‘theory of everything’ in its construct is a drop in this ocean. So is any deity conceived of mind. We are in an exciting age that of course is pulling in many to experience. The changing is this age.

My form currently is symbolically bipedal, metaphorically then having one foot in one world and one in another. Throughout my own life the erratic pendulum of my attention fell from one extreme to another, the spirituality and religion fought with the materialism and science with what I considered friction from the annoying and mundane things of life. However, the story I have been creating does not serve me anymore and I see it all as part of the one everything. I have no intention of leaving this world and blissfully evaporating into nirvana, or even moving on to higher things and never coming back. Nor do I wish to evolve constantly on this rock, have it all, the wealth, riches, all you can eat, or any other experience, at the mercy of a dead universe that appears to randomly throw its greatness in the path of my humble meanderings through life. The two, seemingly separate realities are still part of one thing. That one thing contains many more realities, bigger than just these that I am not aware of so far. I wish to connect them all… The changing and the cycles now form my energy and momentum into both worlds I know. I will use the energy of one to converse with the other. What may sound like madness to anyone unfortunate to read this far and not understand a word of it, simply means, I am going to really ‘play hard’ in your world and things are going to get really interesting. To those that have experience of these shifts, even tired of them as I have become in the past, then follow me, I am here to connect two worlds. To those that are technically interested, I will be investigating the realities that exist and testing what belief systems really mean to our existence and what really is happening now.

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The Perfect Point

There is a point, a single point in which everything is. There is nothing outside of this point and in a sense, nothing inside of it either, but it contains the essential definition of everything. That is, everything that is, was and will be and any other expansion of any timeframe possible. I will suggest that if you follow any path to enlightenment, spirituality, science or logic then this point will be the ‘all that is’ and we are ‘it’.

Now this point, this container of all possible realities is not fixed. If it were I would not be writing this, indeed you would not be there to read it. This point is undergoing change, but change denotes time, doesn’t it? This is the most fascinating thing I can try to understand, that there is a difference in one space to another. How is that possible? A point expanded to infinity would be throughout itself a point, no part of it any different from another, yet ‘I am here, now’, you are ‘there, some other time’. It creates an explosion of possibility simply going from mathematically, 0 to 1, meaning the ‘0’ space exists (so to speak), the ‘1’ space exists, and wonderfully the infinity has to be in between, or it would simply be a single point. How is one part in existence at all!!

If you were to ‘be’ the point then you would create within it. You would expand something to be able to reach into it ‘being’ or ‘not being’. An expansion from a point in our three dimensional universe be the expansion of a point to a sphere, containing within it, and throughout it all, the point, but having something existing that could be ‘here’ or ‘there’, or ‘this’ and ‘that’. If you create anything like this then you create a range, a separation, a dimension. This dimension created can be from a point of infinite ‘length’, or have an infinite ‘that way’ and infinite ‘this way’ or simply in greater understanding become a ‘circle’, going back on itself indefinitely.

The mystery is of course, the ultimate ‘ghost in the machine’ thought. How in this point, does the ‘I am’ exist. It is within all of us and logically (though maybe in different meaning) within any and every part of the universe, in the point. Without the ‘I am’ there would not be anything. There would not be an existence in any universe. Bring it fully home, the ‘I am’ that you sense, reading this, is the very same ‘I am’ that is creating this, the very same ‘I am’ which is the only thing that exists – you and I are one, in the most fundamental and true sense. The ‘ghost’ is the awareness, the consciousness that exists that is everything and within itself all things. The separation that exists, in time, in space, and many more dimensions than I can fathom, is the fantastic reason ‘you are’ reading this, that ‘I am’ writing this.

I as the point, as the part of the all, wishes to understand, experience, to live and ‘be’ it all.

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Building from Remote Bootstraps

I remember when I learned about the speed of light in physics, that nothing can go faster than it. Strangely that really annoyed me, I felt imprisoned in the universe that would have limits that were impossible to overcome. Then it was learning of the relationship to the energy required to push anything toward this prison speed, that it increased exponentially as the speed was approached. The mass would appear to become greater and greater, requiring more and more energy to push it. I spent a lot of wasted time trying to break the Lorentz transformation and making it work like it should have. It’s failure however did produce a few ideas that gave me some relief, though I never quite worked out how to achieve them. The more I thought about the principle however the more I saw it as a solution to much more. Decades later, as I am training myself to think of more basic things, for basic needs, my business plan work is getting shredded by these ideas distracting me. So here we go… If I write down the basic ideas then maybe these concepts can wait for a more convenient moment, though I would love to have the resources to research their possibilities…

So, it seems, we are imprisoned by mass. We may be able to cross the universe in many ways in metaphysics in an instant, or the electron can pretend to be in every position of the universe in the next moment, but pushing a spaceship to a new part of our stellar neighbourhood is going to require a lot of energy. Of course the more energy you need, the more you need to store, the more massive the payload and throwing this all across the cosmos is going to be a big loss.

So the payload should ideally be as small as possible.

The smaller the payload, the less can be done with it.  Unless…

What is the smallest manufacturing object we can make? What can be created that would use the mass, the elements, compounds, and energy that exists at the destination. Can a minute machine be created that could make many more functional machines, that in turn can produce more meaningful components at the other end. What is the smallest machine that can be created. Could it be a molecular machine?

Indeed, could there be a means of not needing to throw any mass at all, is there a massless means of making a machine to begin with?

These tiny generic, stem cell type machines can get to work and produce larger and larger paraphernalia. They may be later more generic forms of 3-D printers that could produce any components needed later, not known until the first sensory equipment is created and perceiving that distant environment.

I had something called ’Philliform’? when I was a kid, a  kind of mix between Lego and Meccano, and I used to imagine these as creating forms across space. Needing maybe a set of basic forms and energy producers out of which anything we wanted could be created. Could this be the way that we build our homes in our galactic neighbourhood?

Could this be the means of creating our homes on nearer planets, before we take the risks and travel physically to them. Our first sense of these far off places could be the machines created as avatars, sending our augmented senses home through a rather time delayed virtual reality. Our eyes would not be created here on earth, but in some far off region in space, closer to the things we wish to see.

Wormholes that would be destroyed by throwing through too massive a missive through them would instead be taken advantage of maybe through nanotechnology. Using the smallest possible little workers that would create our eyes and ears at the other end and stretching our existence to maybe even other galaxies. Even if a wormhole crosses into the past, could something be started off in build in this time to be ready now.

Imagine a link to a spacetime millions of years ago and building our sensory equipment. If it would require numerous years to build it would still be enough to record our current probably past? To arrive now, millions of years later from the point it was sent, or to us a moment ago. Our existence would expand into the cosmos, possibly building from these remote bootstraps. Trillions of little machines all building together at each opportunistic plot of spacetime we find and care to enter.

Now, .. where was I?

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Massive thoughts like monoliths

For a long time I have used the technique of freewriting to start of writing about a subject to make a quick start on a subject. Usually I have already got a subject in mind and have, or in the process of browsing, the information needed to form into an article. I found it the easiest and most effective way to stop writer’s block interfering and slowing progress. Over time however, when procrastinating or letting my mind wander I have done this and found the subconscious often filling in the gaps and producing often what seems nonsense at first but later shows up more interesting thought forms.

Now I don’t know much about the subject (but I am steadily taking more interest in the phenomenon) of automatic writing, or channelling, but over the last year or so I have certainly heard lots of examples of it happening. I feel a new project idea coming on :)

I will create a project to investigate this for myself, and try out various ways this creativity can be stretched. I know certainly that my writing decades ago used to allow me more freedom, but since embedding myself fully in science, IT and project management, I used to rarely let myself out of the bounds of what I believed was right and possible. Having read more outside of this scope now (and possible just getting old) I really see how restrictive I have been on my own thinking, always cutting out un-truth’s with a sharp knife of knowing better, leaving me sensibly, but depressingly uncreative in the areas I used to be so strong in. So this project will be rather exciting – I am not sure where exactly to put the material (maybe on – which I am getting a lot of ideas for) but I will try to use the material, or the process, more effectively.

I tried thinking about what was going on here and just freewrote – without this time trying to think or judge anything written for sense. Later I tidied up an syntax or typo’s, but left everything else untidily as it was. There does seem to be a number of interesting ideas in there that consciously I have never thought of before, so certainly the source of inspiration is useful.

Following – is the freewriting (please let me know if it sparks of any interesting or novel thoughts, I would love to know how others do this.) This all got produced within 10-15 minutes.
The tidying up, embarrassingly, took longer than this :)

“Massive thoughts like monoliths, towering fixed unmoveable, imprisoned by thoughts / by what you know – What you believe and hope like the clouds and winds in the universe of concepts. Life is infinite, light, always changing. Thoughts build structures and shapes holding each other in place. Thinking of the perceived creates a symbol of the seen, an illusion but a concept in which to navigate the singularity. Ideas out through the fog that escape to infinity becoming universes, played with, watched, eaten, walked on, the weather of consciousness out of this reality. Like spacetime thought is its own dimension relying on something unthinkable that toys with its rules and truths to calculate. We however seem to be trapped by them, unable to release ourselves from endless curiosity, of the unfathomable. To know it all we however would cease to be and be just the concept of all. To be this would simply mean not to be that which we are. We wander around ego bound within our created structured, at times caught in logical knots but blind to the shape. We can be only one thought in attention unless we let go and let us be everything that we are, without losing our eternal ‘I am’ we can be it all. Just stand apart from itself, form the perception, and sense, thus creating a pattern to manipulate, the else, the other, the thought. Altogether we have created a formidable structure, ever changing, ever different, in every possibility and we borrow its energy to experience. The fire of life, through thought, creating the shadows of reality, flickering on the walls of our experience. Real illusion and paradoxical truth on the connective energies in the mesh, giving us fixed points by which to navigate our knowing. The observer and the observed, the thought and the subject, all part of the one. Expectation and reality combining probability. An infinite number of things being sorted by the mind, putting those that are this, into other than those that are that and after the eternal task is done confounded by a mind that exists that is neither this nor that. Life, the universe, everything that is and everything that is not, and everything that is none of the above and nothing that is both, being pondered by a mind that is being, finding the answer to it all and thinking. Realises beyond its being that answer is not a thought at all. To be a thought, alive and full of being in its creation, to exist with pattern, vibration of no space in time, reaching everywhere at one moment but not being anywhere. Its shadow in space-time racing across the universe, in other dimensions being held like water in a desert, creating storms in far off reality and mixing with its kin and evolving in a landscape of conceptual being. Everything thought that is, whose shadows ever was and will be, create a perfect thing that is whole, is beyond description and possibility. As a wave, a blob, a probability, an essence, thought although infinite will only ever be a symbol of what actually is, an infinitesimal dimension containing everything but nothing. Thought, being, play and frolic in the conceptual oceans. Need to script out the belief system from the mass of thought, to enable it to be comprehended by physical mind, defining well the modules of consciousness so that they can be created, called, connected, belief systems under control of what is already self-aware. Playful conscious programming of thought to create knowledge structures possible of infinite experiences and realities.”

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