The SuperProject – One Project to contain them all

In examining the need for a project lifecycle having to have an element of self-examination, borrowing heavily from the ideas of the evolutionary process and compounding it back on itself gets you into a rather recursive idea of the need to be a lifecycle of change to … well … the project lifecycle. If a project lifecycle is to maintain itself then what does it need … a system by which that change is carried out. This by definition can cause problems, both in sanity and practicality, but in looking deeper into it bring another opportunity in defining the concepts involved. Continue reading “The SuperProject – One Project to contain them all”

An Evolutionary Kind of Project Lifecycle

This whole journey of looking into the creation of a system, examining and comparing it to the most effective system known brings us to the point where we know we have to consider at least two more factors. Research and documentation have been identified as being important. This has brought us to the point of now considering the whole process to akin to a project lifecycle. However, considering the point where we started we can still bring in the point of evolution to the idea of having a lifecycle and ensuring that it follows this original process. Continue reading “An Evolutionary Kind of Project Lifecycle”

Research must be included in any complex System to speed up progress

Leaving changes to random tests of the environment as in evolution does have a drawback, it needs to be done quickly without using too much of any resource. This often means to us the effort of planning and making the changes (unless of course a different method can be used?). Research is often the quickest method of finding the necessary changes you should make to optimise a system, thus speeding up the whole effectiveness of evolution. But research brings with it a number of extra processes to deal with and a matter of risk against time and money spent. Continue reading “Research must be included in any complex System to speed up progress”