Is this team for you?

One of the biggest challenges I have found in Internet marketing is actually getting on with the work you need to do without getting distracted.

Personally I have been overworked with all the kinds of procrastination you could ever suffer from, ultimately suffering all the stress from the long hours but not actually achieving anything. I don’t know how many others there are out there that have found the same problems preventing them from moving forward but I want to find some who have had enough of it and have the resolution to move on.

If you are the same as me you will have the following characteristics:-

  • You have been around a long time, you have seen all the changes over the years on the Internet and even though you haven’t done anything about it – probably a real expert in Internet Marketing.
  • You have all the basic skills you need to do it all, because you have put the effort in from time to time but never been consistent enough to make it work for you.
  • You have bought and seen a number of Internet products over the years, the rubbish and the good ones, but never really given any of them the benefit of serious application.
  • You have ended the day with the question burning in your mind, “What have I actually achieved today?” and realised that another day has been wasted. For me this has been for a number of years and it hurts…
  • You have probably built up a number of assets, content or domains that you have built up over the years but not really taken advantage of.
  • You are coming to the end of 2010 and saying “enough is enough” and determined to turn it all around – you have to do it this coming year or Bust!

Do you see yourself there?

Well I want to hook up with determined people who are really going to put 100% into their business this year and get it moving.

I want these people to be straight talking, hard working and give honest opinions to make sure we all get on with it.


Because this job can become a very solitary one, when you work in a company you often have forces at work that make sure you get on with the job. This could be from peer pressure to actually having a boss but it all helps to push you forward.

Now in this business there are no bosses, you are responsible for yourself and your family, if you fail there is no one there to sort it out and ultimately it is the ‘wolf at the door’ that will come after you. I know this … and it is a great motivator!

So with all this in mind I would like to create a team of ‘equals’. People who are determined to really make 2011 a big year for themselves and everyone in the team. Ideally you have a lot of time to put into the business and will give it 100%.

I want to find this team and get it up and running in time for the New Year. We’ll share feedback on our efforts and any tests and most of all encourage each other to really get on with it – it will be important that no one drops out. With this in mind anyone who joins MUST be determined to see this through and must be able to put up with some digging if they do not pull their weight.

I just have one ‘odd’ request for anything interested. That once you are on your feet and moving forward comfortably that in return you will find and mentor one or more other struggling in the future ‘freely’. I have my own ‘pay it forward’ principle I want to uphold and ultimately pull others out of any despair they might have in the future.

Now saying that, I don’t want to burden this idea with too many of my own goals and thoughts but would like to leave it up to anyone who is interested to chip in  and we can all work it out between ourselves. Let’s give the New Year the deadline for working out the goals of the group, as a whole or individually.

Now I am posting this in two places and it will be interesting to see what responses come back from either place. This will be the Warrior Forum and the Money Making Discussion Forum. I frequent both places and have done for some time and both places have an interesting character.

Interested? Let’s make 2011 our year of success!

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  • The post and a reply to it have been deleted from ‘Warrior Forums’ – Hopefully I will find out why???

  • I make some bad moves now and again, unintentionally always, but I am really surprised by the events of today and what it means. I thought perhaps I might find like-minded people who were keen to move forward this next year on a forum in the UK. forum has always had a solid presence online and I have without hesitation recommended it to many many people, believing that it contains both fantastic information and great people. My bad move was posting this request on their “Up Their Income” forum – I was immediately set upon by two posters accusing me of spam and promoting MLM!!! I tried defending myself but it was of no avail, the thread got deleted…

    I have sent an email into their abuse postbox, usually assigned to of course for people who complain of abusive threads on there – I will be interested in any response they give.

    I realise I had the post deleted also from the Warrior Forum, but that site I already know is reknowned for pushing out its members if it looks like it is not in the interest of the owners. I assumed the MoneySavingExpert forum had a totally different character.

    The problem makes we wonder – “What is wrong with the world today?” – where we are so sensitive to assumed spam and selling that we freely delete and quash the efforts of innocent people. Shoot first – ask questions later? Are we ready to attack anything anyone says based on preconception and not listen? I suppose I found it so annoying because it branded me as “criminal” without any sensible dialogue.

    I think the other way this upsets me is because it shows a flaw(?) in my own thinking … always believing that the common people are capable of protecting each other without relying on corporate, authoritarian or government forces. But isn’t a large forum like this a form of free policing by the common people, where moderators selected by the users are there to make sure that the forum runs without problems?

    Or is it again the problem of giving some power over others? Something that must never happen and history shows us its terrible results.
    I find myself wandering back to the principles I originally had over in and at times go into the real dark places of knowing that I know how to take advantage of the less fortunate but more numerous people of the world and really wondering why I have bothered avoiding the easy way out… it makes me feel really stupid and naive at times. I really need some proof soon that all of this has been worth it…