The Never Ending Story

The idea is this, a story that unfolds sentence by sentence each week. Each sentence can be suggested by anyone who takes part but finally chosen at the end of the week simply by the number of votes cast. Each week the new and chosen sentence is added to the story.

The site containing this could carry on indefinitely running itself, adding new sentences every time there is enough new material voted on.

Having looked around there is a site at – nearly the same idea.

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  • I love it! The "universal script" by citizens of the world!I just love it!At last ,an excelent idea!

  • Thanks Taina – I love creating the ideas, but find I am awful at carrying out 99.9% of them.

  • I can see clearly now! You have a "dirty" plan! Absorbing the ideas out of our minds,creating the best story ever and present it as yours…hmmmmm! well…

  • …my friend…BRILLIANT!Count me in;-) I'll help(hehehehe)

  • Sorry, not my principles. I keep tending towards open projects owned equally by the people that work on it. I wish we were in that world already. However, for the next year I must put all those things to one side, I must think differently…

  • IF you haven't noticed…I WAS JUST KIDDING!But I still find this a excellent idea…Who is to post the first sentence?

  • I do tend to get on my soapbox on these subjects don't I – I must stop doing that šŸ™‚