The Ultimate Truth – Everything is Perfect

The answer to life the universe and everything is to live.
Of course the question of how to live seems to be a stumbling point.
Well, I don’t know to be honest…
How should you live?

I have read most recently of a movement of thinking called ‘New Thought’ and following how it came to be is interesting. The ideas within it sound good don’t they? Something missing? Well I think I have my own answer for the time being. Strange how I had almost forgotten them all but dear Wallace helped me remember – this time I must make sure they become part of me.

The answer lies in an idea. EVERYTHING IS PERFECT.

The means of carrying out this kind of thinking is – no matter how it seems the universe is perfect in every way. If you can find the highest ideals within yourself of how perfect the universe is, if you can imagine it being perfect in every way then that is the direction for your understanding. Knowing that the destination of your understanding is possibly more perfect than you can currently imagine or understand.

This means EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK. In fact better than OK – it is going to be perfect.

Inside you have an understanding of what is good, of what is right, and that is part of the perfect universe telling you of what is.

Everything you see around you has a meaning, is there for a purpose. Of course the purpose and meaning will be perfect. You may not understand it, but the reason you don’t is for a reason, you will find out and it will be a perfect reason, that you know inside will be exactly as you would wish, perfect in every detail.

Everything that goes wrong, appears wrong, isn’t really. Nothing can really be wrong but there is a perfect reason for it to appear to you like this. It is part of something that will make perfect sense to you one day when you see the reason why it was like this.

No one is lost, nothing is lost, no one disappears, everyone is always in existence and absolutely safe and in perfect existence. Pain and suffering are essential even though they do not appear to be, they will have meaning to you as you progress and will be absolutely grateful for everything that has ever happened to you. Your life is perfect.

Shall I write more on this????

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  • Anonymous

    So, if I understand this…

    Argument 1: Everything is only what it is and is perfect at being that thing. e.g. a car with a wheel missing is not imperfect, it is a perfect example of a car with a wheel missing. From a philosophical perspective I can see the argument, but it really stretches it. It needs perfection to be a moving target and I think it needs the definition of perfection to change. e.g. a train is perfect at being a train. The minute the train breaks down it is perfect at being a broken train. It is the same train, but perfection has moved its goal posts to accommodate the changing state of the train.

    Argument 2: The argument can only be couched in binary terms perfection v  imperfection. Perfection is not therefore unitary. The existence of this conversation demonstrates it. Imperfection therefore exists and not all things can be perfect.

    Argument 3: Degrees of perfection I have a problem with. E.g.  The world is a sphere. But it has bumps on it like the Himalyas so
    it is an imperfect sphere. So it is not a perfect sphere and maybe it is perfect at being ‘Earth shaped’.
    But as soon as a tree blows over or a cliff drops into the sea, then it
    has changed its shape from the perfect thing we were describing and is therefore
    imperfect. It cannot be 90% perfect, because that is a definition of imperfect.

    What a great debate. I hope you don’t mind me taking you on in this way.

    • I really don’t mind being ripped apart on this David. I really want to make sure I am not mistaken in what I can see and make sure I define it all properly.

      I liked argument 1 but it does collapse meaning – so I should move on.

      Argument 2 – I can only sustain it if Everything is a singularity. I cannot figure that one out, so thrown out.

      Argument 3 has some possibility if I borrow from the other two.

      The world is not a sphere – this is a smaller view of the scale, a sphere is a mathematical construct. It does not mean the world is imperfect, it means that its definition is different. This has always been a problem of misconceptions, not using the right concept in describing reality. When you look at the scale then things are only perfect in their ultimate forms, any view less than that gives rise to imperfection (though only in the mind thinking of it – not the reality). So the reality as the extreme end of the scale of everything is perfect. Imperfection is only a misuse of not seeing the full case or misconception.

      OK – I am feeling more certain now. I need more stones…

      • Dave

        That’s good. Philopsophy has been an interest of mine since I studied it at A’Level and I enjoy the mental stimulation of it. I wouldn’t want my enjoyment of reasoning and the ‘art of debate’ to undermine your thinking or be construed as anything other than my enjoyment of debating philosophy.

        • I never studied Philosophy but always wish I had. I feel a future OU degree coming on should time and money allow 🙂

          Never worry about debate – I am happy to do it until I have the idea honed down to mathematical precision. I have always appreciated Peter taking time out and challenging me way back on the Beyond One World ideas and I must admit I always did enjoy them. Always left with the desire to learn or understand more and that is never a bad thing – is it?

          I still feel as if I am way off the mark still here though as I think through it over night.

          I know what I wish to convey – the idea that gives one the highest ideals and the best to reach for at any time in life. The lack of which appears to be the cause of all problems. I used ‘Everything is Perfect’ as the ultimate stake in the ground, the ultimate destination of thought, whereas maybe I should only think of direction (not destination)…

      • Dave

        Sean. I think I can further your everything is perfect point. The problem from a purely philosophical perspective is that perfection seems to be one half of a binary concept. However, if you can find a unique unitary entity that only exists and cannot ‘not exist’ then that changes. You can argue that since it is the only one of its kind and it must exist it definitively is the perfect example of itself.

        To apply this to your argument, there is such a unique unitary entity thing and that is the universe. The universe is one of of a kind. It cannot not exist. It is therefore the perfect example of  itself – there is no other, so it is perfect. Since the universe is perfect and the universe is, by definition, the entirety of all things. All things must therefore be perfect.

        Ergo sum. Everything is perfect.

        • It is comfortable doing that but you find that people have an inbuilt definition of what the source, the one etc is that gets corrupted by what they are told – ie religion. Although I am comfortable myself reaching out for God and seeing a perfect God this will be seen differently by different people. The problem it is not different at all, there is only one source. ‘There can be only one!’. What that is is way beyond any religion or belief system – it IS! That in itself being the most fascinating part of it all – and we belong to it – that is wonderful in itself. How we became separate from the one thing is a complete mystery to me but I feel we should embrace whatever we are and be all that we can be. Mainly because whatever we are, we are driven by, whatever the one thing is within us, so whatever we wish – we should actually be.
          You see where all that goes … you cannot avoid God with some people, you cannot avoid mortality with others and I don’t wish to change anyone’s view there – just find out for myself what is REAL.

          Ergo sum is so fascinating…