Thinking about Thoughts

I have been doing a lot of thinking recently, thinking about thoughts, wondering what they are. You see I like thinking, I do a lot of it, but I don’t really know what it is and I really feel I should find out. I don’t want to do it wrong, I want to think correctly, I don’t want to reach a time when for whatever reason the thinking will stop so I need to think deeply, do some investigation and research to find out what thoughts are, what power they have, how I can control them and what good they can do for me.

Here begins my thought project, I am going to enjoy getting to the bottom of this.

Well first before looking elsewhere, what do I think I know about them? It will be interesting to see how this changes as I delve deeper.

They seem to be active things, at least in the sense of thinking, they seem to change with ease. However, I can perform certain kinds of thought that feel like they require a lot of energy, like if I do something like multiply numbers in my head. So this would suggest they take energy to perform, or should I say to think, which is the use of thought.

They do not appear to have mass or act like tangible things. However I can associate thought to a mass and a tangible thing. So is it the thought or the thing which is tangible?

They do not seem to have power in themselves, but their use can change physical reality. Physical reality seems happy going about its business abiding strict laws but a thought can come along and change it. The change, the net effect of the thought appears then to be immeasurable. A person who has perhaps access to a red doomsday button can think about pressing it and destroying a whole world, or perhaps the person thinks about pressing a button on his keyboard and changing the reality on the monitor. An erratic thought then might be responsible for mixing up the reality to this person and in its have unlimited potential energy.

Thoughts don’t care about time. They can appear in any time. But it does seem to take time, so their action, thinking may be time dependant.

Thoughts don’t seem to have any regard for space. They can exist anywhere in space in many forms. In the mind of a person, who is able to travel freely wherever the physical laws will allow. In different contexts, like in the written word, in a book, electronically stored files, in pictures and shapes. The contexts seem to have no bounds and can stimulate a thought in a thinking being from across all time and space. The context seems to require a space to be placed containing a thought, but thought itself does not seem to take up space.

It is interesting that the universe is being changed in places based upon the decisions of thinking beings. If change takes place in any relative perspective then there should be physical laws that they belong to.

There are theories that thought is in fact a fundamental feature of the universe by which we live in and controls how it works. If that is true then this project could get really interesting.

What do you think?

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