A Killer Product Launch that Will Kill in the End

In short the message here is “Stop Selling Misleading Information Products to the Wrong Market – Someone’s going to get Hurt!”

I see something that I thoroughly disagree with on the Internet, something that makes me think of the term, ‘dog eat dog’. In that the methods being taught by those who have made any realistic money on the Internet are relying on achieving it through selling products to the very people that desperately ‘NEED’ to make money on the Internet.

This kind of selling is in my mind inhumane and seriously pushes people, who genuinely only need some good advice, to give away their money and time for something they believe will help them. However the ferocity and quantity of these products are being pushed so much that I am sure will cost lives – even physically – if it is not stopped. Some checks need to be made by those in the industry who care. This kind of advice will lead desperate people into bankruptcy when they are the ones that only need helping onto the first rung of the ladder.

Now I am not talking about the specialist products out there that cover in detail, well defined Internet marketing processes, specialist knowledge that is understood by ‘few’ people that they legitimately sell. These are helpful to the industry – they are professional products (hopefully). The advantage is that the products are made for professional people (hopefully again) that have the experience and the following to certainly make it known if it does not live up to its promises.

No, the problem comes down to selling to less informed and less skilled people, that are in increasing numbers especially in these financially unstable times, that are ultimately vulnerable.

The methods have developed rapidly in the past years incestuously using the same tactics, each cycle with an improvement from the skilled marketers to create that ‘Killer Process’. That may have these ingredients:

  • Hard selling the dreams and giving them fuzzy methods that surround optimistically at least one good idea.
  • Telling them this is the answer to their problems.
  • Telling them this is the reason why they are not succeeding.
  • Showing off grandiose statements of revenues that may or may not have anything to do with the method being sold – or indeed in the worst case, have no reality at all.
  • Showing off the nice cars, the luxurious lifestyles, all ‘vision board’ products and ideals that belong in the realms of the motivators like ‘The Secret’.
  • Telling them they need not be concerned, that they need no experience and that the whole system is push button operated and done with little time.
  • Glorifying the launch with statements of how the other gurus are ripping them off and have surprisingly not succeeded in stopping you from getting the chance to see this information.
  • That magically this product is worth thousands but to you out of sheer kindness, good fortune or some grovelling reason you have become important enough to get it at this price.
  • Then, some (always less than obvious) reason there are only a few places left and you must absolutely buy now.
  • If you don’t buy and try to leave the page you get stuck for a moment, giving in will desperately offer you a discount.
  • If you do buy, then watch out, fresh meat, some upselling with higher prices are exclusively offered to you – you become a prime target now!
  • At this point you are ‘Golden’ if you do nothing with the product, which typically happens for a variety of important reasons I will discuss later.

Did I miss anything?

Probably described quite a few launches there… I know of only the tip of the iceberg, over ten thousand emails in a mailbox in six months of many Internet product launches.

There are SO many products!
So much Noise!
Regrettably though, so many victims – who deserve help not fleecing.

We are at a strange point in the history of Internet marketing where there is a substantial increase of manifested ‘good will’. Many Internet marketers blog and post about the sorry state of the industry and make calming but bold statements about how they intend to go forward and shun these tactics. For some however I wonder if their previous launches will haunt them like the “Blood on Lady MacBeth’s hands” never to be erased and a constant reminder of how empires have been built.

Those that continue in this madness MUST STOP NOW!

It is becoming too obvious and nothing disappears without trace…
If only for humanitarian reasons, you must help those on the bottom rung of the ladder …
Never step on their heads to climb your way up.

Distracted by years of challenges elsewhere I only have a ‘small voice’ at the moment in this industry. In that time I have become more and more interested in the human side of the players, in many cases testing for a reaction against failure, a call for help, or in many cases just an opinion. Sadly small voices are of no consequence and are largely ignored except for their financial value…

However, this is the Internet; the small voices have a growing impact as they collect together common opinion.

They become societies in themselves, like the ‘guilds’ of old, where the ‘like’ WILL communicate with ‘like’ and join together in (big) crowds – Do not anger them…

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