Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-10

A few tweets, a few jokes, then a bit of silence…

  • What’s ‘Ads by Privads’ I see on the Google searches now? #
  • Inspired by @aniksingal (2x in a day!) I thought I would ask the question on Twitter – ‘What do you think my core values are?’ #
  • #IMJoke SEOs are the only profession where the more there are, the more are needed #
  • #IMJoke Old SEOs never die, they just lose their rankings #
  • #IMJoke It is the trade of SEOs to question everything, yield nothing, and to talk by the hour. –Thomas Jefferson Misquote #
  • @MacConin Thanks Mac – Luckily the install (for the first time ever) went without any problems -I will look into the Flash click tags though in reply to MacConin #
  • Phew! This Internet World Domination plan is sure hard work! #
  • I love all these make money schemes that exist on the Internet – “I’m Rich, You’re Not!, I’m Good & I’ll show you Some, Send Me Money!” #
  • Haven’t seen this for years 🙂 Diff. views on what’s needed Still as true today (esp on the Internet) as it was then #
  • RT @futureaware: The Skylifter ? Flying hotel, transporter of 150 ton buildings, and aerial mega-yacht #future {Oh Yes} #
  • 7000 Searched for keywords for Halloween! What on earth am I going to do with them? #
  • 10 months after returning to IM and I finally find a workable process – here we go! – a lot of catching up to do. For those that helped !TY! #
  • RT @LisaHartwell: Why I’m selling Audible Marketing {Sorry 2 hear about voice Lisa-Hope your next ventures r fulfilling} #
  • RT @IckleAndy: Hmm, my avatar has disappeared – Twitter is acting up again me thinks.{Been in the sun too much Andy? Hellavu tan!} #
  • @IckleAndy Froyo will speed things up a little 🙂 Just remembered where I saw your avatar 🙂 of course Flat Eric in reply to IckleAndy #
  • PicApp has annoyingly increased all the picture sizes in my blog #
  • …and logging into gives “An Unspecified Error Occurred. Try again later.” – Doh – Move on … #
  • RT @IckleAndy: Pitkin is no more – RIP Norman Wisdom. {Just heard!} #
  • The Shawn Du’Mmett Daily is out! â–¸ Top stories today by @Ed_Dale @challenge @LisaHartwell #
  • RT @LisaHartwell: Thanks. No worries re: the voice – I still have it 😉 {Good to hear 🙂 What do you recmnd for voiceover training?} #
  • RT @JeffHerring: TRUE or FALSE: “Sometimes you just have to sneak up on yourself and do something before you talk yourself out of it.” {:)} #
  • “Come on Shawn – Shape Up! So much to do!” – I can’t even get round to procrastinating yet… #
  • Isn’t it strange though, for some it isn’t even until they are totally broke that they FINALLY “Get It!” #
  • Twitter Fishing: A term I made up for watching the phrases you say in a Tweet snag another Follow Robot 🙂 Hi Guys Hey are you leaving..Awww #
  • RT @TraciKnoppe: Working hard, or hardly working: this is my office help: {U’re working them 2 hard – they’re tired out} #
  • Windows just crashed – Came up with a message like “A program didn’t run properly – If you noticed this then run the program again? #
  • RT @grahunt: @BrentHodgson People who don’t like me misspell my surname 😉 {Why would they call you Hint?} #
  • @grahunt @LisaHartwell … and yesterday Frank Kern told everyone not to buy any Guru products for a month and just get on with it in reply to grahunt #
  • @LisaHartwell @grahunt it seemed somewhat Catch22, tell everyone they are gurus,not to buy guru products, get on and sell your guru products in reply to LisaHartwell #
  • RT @Techmeme: Engadget’s Darren Murph nabs Guinness World Record for most blog posts ever written!. #
  • Crowdsourcing: labor-as-a-service marketplaces #
  • The Shawn Du’Mmett Daily is out! â–¸ Top stories today by @challenge @Ed_Dale @DanRaine @Techmeme #
  • @LisaHartwell You’re still in the cache Lisa-an interesting discussion – cache: in reply to LisaHartwell #
  • @LisaHartwell Certainly interesting wht is going on w/ them – I also laughed when after FKs msg of abstaining 4 1mth he’s there w/ Kajabi 🙂 in reply to LisaHartwell #
  • I am not going to mention Kajabi – even though I see it everywhere – because Frank said ignore it all for a month #
  • Where are the new Twitterati’s (U know the robotic ones, just started following everyone, no followers yet) getting their profile pics from? #
  • Nice request from atm unknown but 1day Internet Superstar! Need 2 remove that silly #FB URL number – ne1 wnt 2 follow #
  • Reminding myself that I can reach new levels of ‘tongue in cheek’ness #
  • That’s nice, TweetDeck just updated itself and died. Will not install any more … oh Nice new Twitter look #
  • The Shawn Du’Mmett Daily is out! â–¸ Top stories today by @DreamHost @challenge @HootSuite #
  • A Killer Product Launch that Will Kill in the End Please Read and ReTweet if you agree #
  • Sadly, for writing all that – I missed the Apprentice – Grrr… #
  • RT @KentonIM: @shawndm I only promote products that i use, period. {You use only one product then?} #
  • RT @grahunt: Just made a sale! Now if we get the negotiations concluded … {Well Done Graham :)} #
  • Yes? But What’s My Motivation – Why Read This Article?: #
  • The Shawn Du’Mmett Daily is out! â–¸ Top stories today by @tonyrobbins @Techmeme @challenge #
  • The Shawn Du’Mmett Daily is out! â–¸ Top stories today by @challenge @LisaHartwell @EzineArticles @alexia #
  • RT @ThisIsSethsBlog Seth’s Blog: Information about information | Think about how you can create value with this idea #
  • The Shawn Du’Mmett Daily is out! â–¸ Top stories today by @challenge #
  • Enjoying John Michel Jarre in concert – now its Equinox 4 #
  • The Shawn Du’Mmett Daily is out! â–¸ Top stories today by @challenge @Lifehacker #

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