All Movement is Accomplished in Six Stages

How do you explain the unexplainable? With no language to connect, sometimes patterns of sounds or of words may represent it. So should you look like a fool and try? Guess what my answer is…

Sometime after 1AM, 10th October, 2010 a veil was lifted, a confusion removed and a complete change started. For no absolutely understood or perceived reason, not because of anything done or thought, but for the first time silence and calmness replaced noise and confusion and some power restored with clarity. Not in the front, in the structured playground, or even in between in the wallpaper of the mind but somewhere else, annoyingly unseen but sensed. With no ability to explain or meaningful sense to perceive the change but new paradigms are appearing which allows me to understand the change is permanent. Paradigms that always should have been there but for a decade, possibly more of cloud hiding them, preventing any action to achieve them. My notes are here to record an event  I cannot explain, no words exist here but the tingling of excitement that mildly electrifies around the body motivates my pen to at least try.

Here, Now, Let the Games Begin… The synchronicities have highlighted something yet to be understood and I am severely humbled by my lack of appropriate intelligence.

Distracted, by a seemingly related finding, my material and creative sense drifts over musical themes, of histories and memories, understanding the struggles of some of my own favourite authors of sound, Pink Floyd. Tomorrow a celebration of sorts, a memory of Syd Barrett, who reached into a void and got lost. I am really looking forward to hearing the album when I can.

Not knowing personally Syd, I somehow have a snapshot of the landscape he ventured over as a poet and musician. To reach concepts in a bouncy childlike way and form the structures that were so creatively interesting. With the experimentation that allowed the band to explore the sounds that represented their own realities I owe Syd in particular my interest in ‘psychedelic music’. Not the random kind that displays interesting ideas that go nowhere but the formation of actual places in the landscape, expanding the mind to consider formations that may take a life time to reach if you never experienced them from another. Once understood you see the beautiful  constructions made in sound (that I am sure often were accidental but ) uniquely forming something that allows you to travel further, like signposts. I see these constructs in the early David Bowie creations but it appears all this has left us for a while.


Syd’s work has been put together and called “An Introduction To Syd Barrett”. If you want to expand your creativity I recommend getting this, especially if you are a musician and do not know any of it. To be fixed to familiar patterns to express yourself has got to be a prison worth escpaing. After hearing that to go through the early audioscapes of Pink Floyd, during their time with Syd … and then for a little while after.

Goodbye Syd, rest in peace. I wish that I could go back in time to those days obviously changing the cause of the problems that followed, but in any case, gone, but not forgotten…

I only just discovered this myself earlier as I was writing this down and the nostalgia took me for a moment … back to the event. A challenge I feel in some ways, but something I know, for no explicable reason at all, that I will win. Strange that today another Challenge finished that I have been following, but one that I have absorbed into this, my own challenge.

What stands out connecting recent efforts with the challenge to come is that I have fought long and hard to complete the things I regard as priority, sensible things like earning a living, but the noise and synchronicities kept leading me elsewhere. The low barrier to being interested in almost everything and the constant events and information coming from the Internet has made me feel like this was impossible. Have the synchronicities gone I wonder? They may have completed? So what now?

Time to enjoy the game, to take action at last.

I felt like I should just write the things recently learned, mainly because they had a big impact on me, teaching me not to be so naïve with what happens on the Internet. However, a really strong resistance to this compels me to keep it to myself. Ironic, that I needed to state that though… I can say that those that need help the most, who want to help most, will be the focus of my attention, because they will be stronger, like an army in the end, to end all wars… Again, ironic…

Almost schizophrenically put, but I know definitely I am not … Or should I replace ‘I’ with ‘We’ … Sad humour appearing now …

Another part of this, I’ll try to explain. My perceived and recently worrying mountain is nothing compared to the reality of what surrounds us, this one has hit me quite hard at the moment but I am going to love discovering it all. I think my whole understanding will be changing and I cannot imagine what the reality will be, but only to play it all down to a ridiculously low form, ‘there are bigger things out there to come’.

Amusing to think how this all sounds. Perhaps some clot in the hardware of the brain, perhaps some breakdown in the software of the mind is seen. I know all this because I experience it all first hand and I assure you that it is more confusing to experience than to try and read of it in another. At least reading nonsense can be dismissed and the mind moved on to the next act of the day. I will post it though … I would resist strongly under normal circumstances but something appears to remind me that it is to be of some importance that it is at least declared permanently. Important to who? I have no idea, but something has begun…

Do I feel different? No, not really.

Do I think differently? I am trying different patterns and everything still feels the same.

Just a solid calmness that something has cleared and just an almost ecstatic feeling, sensing it. I really wish I understood, even perceived more. Physically there is some ringing in the ears but that doesn’t seem related.

A storm in a singularity … nothing appears to change, but you know it happened and changed permanently.

I will note this down as probably one of the most unreadable posts I have ever written. Except possibly some of the stuff about Syd Barrett … but then again …

The first stage is occurring …

Note: I did the morning after thing and checked whether I should post. I see I weaved in several meanings into a few sentences, not something I can do right now. Anyhow … if only as entertainment I decided to publish…

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