Another project – XFactor’s Adsense Masters Course

I was aware quite some time ago of (John’s) XFactor’s thread in the Warrior Forums detailing how he was making $300 daily through creating microniche sites and followed the story. He put together the information in one place and sells it at Xfactor’s Micro Niche Adsense Course and now has a really impressive private forum of people following the steps and discussing their progress. This is the next stepping stone…

This I decided yesterday is the direction I will take to reach my rather lofty goals for the year because of the advantage of having many sites and being able to test out different methods on them, whilst of course building up a revenue stream.

My experience with the 30 Day Challenge could be considered quite a disastrous failure considering the amount of effort put in but I still recommend that course 100% for anyone starting out and wanting to learn the wide range of skills needed. I will definitely be in there when it starts this year. I consider the failure to be temporary and I put it down to getting caught up in Google’s snare … I still test things out on it to confirm different effects of linking and content but it will take time before that particular site gets any revenue.

The real benefit of doing XFactor’s course is that it is a great way to create a base of sites that can be tested against each other. I am a great believer in trial, monitor and test and really want to get to the bottom of all the factors that effect a site’s performance in the search engines and having a number of small sites is a great way to implement it.

Credit: Curiouslee on Flickr

Something that I really would like to do is to systematize the whole process of making money through the Internet and try to set it out in a simple and visual way. I enjoy looking around to see what others do when approaching complex systems like this and I include here a rather nice and actually well thought out mapping that Curiouslee did of a corporation web site. The target for me there is in the next few years to keep at this kind of thinking until I get a good solid picture for the project at Beyond One World, where omnicracy will be the center ideal.

Massive goals, very small beginnings 😎 .

Anyone reading my blog will know that I began the year with a resolution to make a million in a year, well, my progress towards the goal has been laughable, I certainly need to get on with it!! My progress to date, a few dollars!!!… Not very inspiring, eh! Even so, I have absolutely no intention of failing and will stay focused no matter what! I just need to spend my time more wisely, stop getting distracted, stay focused on a system and learn from it. Let’s see how this decision of using XFactor’s course as a stepping stone helps…

Update: 9th September 2010
Well John has had a tough time with this, a video project and legal problems stemming from forum activity that he has shut it down. Though the course is still there and valid. Though I probably wouldn’t recommend using it for AdSense any more.

Update: 12th December 2010
Having exchanged some posts with John recently and looking at his pages it looks like he is going to bring the forum back in January. I imagine it will start off a bit stiffly controlled from all the fallout that occurred in the last one, none of John’s fault by the way. The one reason for still wishing to promote this forum however is because of the ethic that was behind his product, that fed into the more successful ones on the forum – the ethic of just getting on with the work. I do get a little dismayed in the popular money making forums at this ‘click and earn’ mentality. As if there is really a magic bullet there for anyone to pick up on, when common sense tells you otherwise. Imagine you find a magic bullett, it takes little work and it earns you a lot of money, what do you think would be a good use of your time? Investigating this magic bullet and getting out of it all that you can or spending hours writing up and making videos for a product showing this (and then selling it for $27, $37, $47 etc)…

Here is John’ link Xfactor’s Micro Niche Adsense Course – I’ll see you in there – but if you do go in, mix it up a bit and don’t try going after exactly the same templates etc. If you do work on this then you are providing plenty of information that truly helps you in the long term, by testing and watching results – I will go into this in great detail next year. This is the only way of escaping ‘guru reliance’ that 99.9% of the IMers out there seem to suffer from (including me until a little while ago!!).

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