Who do you trust online?

This question is becoming more significant as I go forward and learning about Internet Marketing and I am discovering that there are many out there you shouldn’t trust! Why? Because, in my opinion there is a source of innovators out there, the ones who have the answers and there is a larger set of people there regurgitating the information and selling it on. What’s going on?…

The innovators I see are mostly hidden, you only have to research some website clusters to see this. The ones making the most money appear to be behind the scenes and not the ones selling you the next big thing.

There are a few well known names out there who are deserving of trust, don’t get me wrong. They have put in a lot of effort within their field to be the best that they can be. Some however will drift after a while and it is interesting when they appear again. But it is not these guys who are really annoying me at the moment…

The ones who I am really getting angry at are the ones selling you systems that are regurgitated from either free information or focused on some ‘next big thing’ that really do not give you any answers. For the privilege of this of course you have paid an amount of money that really isn’t going to help you. The most vulnerable people out there are falling prey to this kind of scheme, they are the ones that need the most help and it really does make me angry that they are taken advantage of.

How do I know?

I have and still to some extent my share of failed schemes on the Internet. I know many systems that work only if they are part of a set of skills that you need or indeed other systems that do work. I am beginning to feel that I myself have become an expert in failure – but I realise now that is not such a bad thing. At least now I am beginning to realise what it is that causes it and how you can ultimately defeat it. No! I am not going to sell myself here as another person with the answers because I don’t believe I ever will produce a system, package it up and sell it to the needy. In principle, I believe that the very information that anyone needs to start out online should be free and available to everybody. In this same principle I do not like what Google is to the online world, the way is brings out all these magic systems to beat it, but I am afraid that our current age, if it’s not Google, then it will be someone else. The point is none of this is really ever necessary and it leads to some preying on many others and at some point I want to stop it!

I would like to know what experiences and opinions others have had, especially when starting out, I really would like to stop unnecessary hardship on anyone in that situation. On the other hand, I quite like the idea of there being a directory of the marketers out there with some idea of the products, experience and skills that they have. If this existed then there at least would be  a source of reference for anyone new to this on who they could trust?

How you could measure the trustworthiness of any marketer or product though is a tough question – If you read this and think of any ideas then let me know.

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