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Going back to my programming roots

Anyone want to go for a spin?

Not able to or wating to use any article spinners on the web I will just have to create my own on Continue reading

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Using Windows Presentation Foundation for a Simple Web Scrape

Having spent time delving into Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and finding out how things have changed in the last ten years I thought I should actually get on and create a quick test application based on something I may use the technology for. This one retrieves product information from an Amazon page, not really necessary since they have a data feed but it was based on something easily recognisable by anyone wishing to try it out for themselves. Continue reading

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With Automation Comes a Sense of Great Power?

Regular methods of automation in the Internet marketing world, such as collecting of search ranking information and competitive research isn’t where it should stop. What follows is my personal opinion, that is strong but is certainly open for discussion or valuation; it however all comes down to how a single publisher can deliver a useful website for the end user and the beginning of an idea called the ‘microniche manifesto’. Continue reading

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Rules Based Queuing System for Optimum Downloading of Web Information

Data from the web is necessary for to help make the decisions for the creation of fresh content for a web site. To do this manually is a wastes valuable time and to use current scraping and automation tools both dubious and over-intensive. So a method that harvests this information is necessary that doesn’t cause issues on the sites that may source it. Continue reading

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Challenges Facing Automatic WordPress Database Updating and Sourcing

The updating of the Wordpress database for ensuring up to date data is an important point and rapidly pushes Wordpress from the blogging platform to considerations needed for more general content management systems.There are some challenges to consider for updating the databases and for sourcing the data to fill them. Continue reading

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Architecture Model Definition to Allow Open Source Interoperability

Imagine if all Open Source work was done to a standard that allowed integration to become easier. It is achievable in principle but needs an architecture model definition and adherence to it. Continue reading

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