With Automation Comes a Sense of Great Power?

Regular methods of automation in the Internet marketing world, such as collecting of search ranking information and competitive research isn’t where it should stop. What follows is my personal opinion, that is strong but is certainly open for discussion or valuation; it however all comes down to how a single publisher can deliver a useful website for the end user and the beginning of an idea called the ‘microniche manifesto’.

In fact any manual tasks that I perform I want to automate and only concentrate on the ‘value added’ decisions applicable to the site in the available time. The more effective I am with my time, the more I will automate and dominate. I have no problems with chasing any corporation on the Internet given the chance. I actually only respect the single publisher, the real entity on the Internet, the persons themselves, they are the ones to support, they are the ones who have to face themselves or their families when things do not support them, not some meaningless and careless entity. I may be considered a crazy dreamer but if I had the power I would take over the Internet completely, remove the corporations entirely, put in a structure of fair open collaboration and then hand it all back. The Internet belongs to no one and everyone equally. There is no room for monolithic entities that only have one purpose, profit.  We need an Internet that serves everybody equally, with all the measures to prevent anyone overpowering anyone else to achieve their singular purposes.

With the rapidly forming ‘microniche manifesto’ idea I see one thing that is important. To build a site that has a purpose that is acceptable to most people. If that site does not achieve that singular objective then it is not a trusted source of any information and needs to be ignored. If others took on each of these millions of microniches in a structured and commonly agreeable way then the whole market of the Internet could be controlled by the individuals running it. The importance of agreeing what is acceptable and useful is important and although restrictive gives every individual the freedom to move amongst it and add value. I guess a cooperative form of business is a step towards it, but where everyone takes and gives an equal or measurable amount of ‘time’, to bring in that one resource that most are fighting for, money. Money isn’t actually a resource we own at all, just a measure of value that goes wildly wrong because we allow it to gather in the wrong places. The resource that we all own, that is ours by right of existence is one thing – time. This is the true currency of mortal life. I would rather never ever think about money, but to think about the time and skills I can give to someone or everyone, that in return for my needs I get that time back. All these ideas may seem a little displaced here but are forming into some coherence as I understand more. In other words, at the moment this is my disclaimer, these are my personal thoughts and I may be completely wrong about all of it, but as time goes by I know I will be surer of the ideas that make sense.

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