The Changing

Have you noticed that nowadays, more and more people are changing, more and more people want to help the world become a better place.

More ways are being found. The undercurrents of good feeling and love towards each other is increasingly steadily as the amount of change taking places rapidly rises. There is definitely something going on in world, underneath it all, or over it all, that is increasingly the self-awareness of everyone. You’ll find that all the good ideas you have, seem to be echoed in others in possibly the far corners of the world, to great detail, as if by telepathy. Many are living their life on their own terms but it seems that ALL are part of this evolution.

Years ago, in a less communicative age, I would dream that my life would have a purpose of helping everyone and doing something wonderful and create possibilities that I could get involved in. Well apparently, the more mundane day to day issues of life had other plans and enveloped into another existence. Half a century later I am in mediocrity and no one of any notable worth. However, my experience all seems to be strangely connected to the greater things happening in our life. The ideas that I had, that promised to save and improve life as we knew it where being shouted by other people. What is more, as the communication increased I could see that they were not only thinking it, they were doing it and in many cases joined in with many others working towards that end. To my shame that did upset me – they were my ideas after all! They were stealing my thunder as I wallowed in mediocrity and doing nothing of value. This did not happen, once or twice, or ten to twenty times, this happened with thousands of ideas. My days of writing them down in a book, on pieces of paper, or just carrying them around in my head go right back to my teens.

It dawned on me over the decades that this was in fact happening to everyone…

The comfort is now of course that I don’t feel any responsibility to the world for any of the plans I did not carry through. The guilt of not being able to raise myself to complete any of them was not necessary. These things are all taking place anyway.

I also started to notice the pattern of the changing that seems to happen to people. I would notice that someone appearing well grounded, earthly, maybe materialistic breaking down and having moments of appearing to be spaced out, more out there and entertaining ideas that were certainly foreign to them in earlier years. This pattern was not a single cycle, it was not a case of waking the next day and being totally different, but I am sure it did happen at times. This pattern would sometimes switch on for a while then give them some relief as it switched back off.

As it continued, it appeared that some old models were being assumed, like those of deep thought or spirituality in ages before ours. Some would become seemingly over happy, maybe to you even annoyingly joyful, how dare they… Things however would be changing for them as life got neglected.

Others became religious, or more spiritual, much calmer, zen-like, guru-like. They come into this wanting to change the world with what they now realise is needed to prevent it suffering.

Later, or at multiple times, this cycle leaves them exhausted and they may even wonder why the universe has forsaken them.

Again, others in the cyclic throws of ecstasy, or confusion, or even madness, are the most changeable. One moment they are concentrating and communicating the most geekiest ordinary details to a formal world waiting for their expertise, the next they are writing seemingly sounds to obscure weirdness or gibberish. You’ll notice that their professional edge is eroded immensely. The well-dressed image of the suit and tie gives way to the faded jeans and t-shirt. The well thought out written material becomes incomprehensible and full of syntax and grammar mistakes.

I notice these people often as I watch those showing these traits. Indeed I do manage when I am more noisy to attract these people. Being one of them seems to follow logically. I find it amusing to see the process take hold, especially when it is at the start. Though I am concerned when I see it because I know how dangerous it is to themselves and those that rely on them. Suddenly their outside life changes, maybe they stop working like they used to, maybe the responsibilities that once governed them suddenly don’t seem so important any more. I am afraid there is nothing that can be done for them – it has to be this way. The cycle will settle or the person will die in the middle of the maelstrom. Or they become the teachers, the gurus… (Aside – To my friends and colleagues I see going through this bump in the road … the answer is apparently ‘love’ and ‘being’ … yes, that answer was a surprise and seemed nonsense to me too.)

However, I notice through historical, philosophical, and religious teaching, the gurus will invite you to metaphorically leave this reality, go to nirvana, heaven etc. Leave this world behind. All is illusion. Not real. Believe me, through the depression of conflicting beliefs there were many, many, times I wished I could – to just let go – even to simply ‘not be’. The yearning for an ordinary life, or mind, was to remain for many years. More recently I have entered the illusion and seen it has structure. I hope my thoughts are symbolically robust enough to make sense of it. There is something wonderful here to think through, to understand, or to ‘be’ – it seems the connections need to be made.

As it is above – it is below – is too simplistic, we are not connecting the two. Above and below are part of the same ‘point’. The same ‘rules’ apply and are fundamental to it all. I will spend a moment here explaining it in everyday terms, because it is an important reason. It is the reason the ‘changing’ is taking place now. We have an ‘East’ – ‘West’ religious structure in existence. We have spirituality and science. We have music and mathematics. It seems that none would ever agree. But they are part of a much larger structure that perfectly explains their presence. The scientific ‘theory of everything’ in its construct is a drop in this ocean. So is any deity conceived of mind. We are in an exciting age that of course is pulling in many to experience. The changing is this age.

My form currently is symbolically bipedal, metaphorically then having one foot in one world and one in another. Throughout my own life the erratic pendulum of my attention fell from one extreme to another, the spirituality and religion fought with the materialism and science with what I considered friction from the annoying and mundane things of life. However, the story I have been creating does not serve me anymore and I see it all as part of the one everything. I have no intention of leaving this world and blissfully evaporating into nirvana, or even moving on to higher things and never coming back. Nor do I wish to evolve constantly on this rock, have it all, the wealth, riches, all you can eat, or any other experience, at the mercy of a dead universe that appears to randomly throw its greatness in the path of my humble meanderings through life. The two, seemingly separate realities are still part of one thing. That one thing contains many more realities, bigger than just these that I am not aware of so far. I wish to connect them all… The changing and the cycles now form my energy and momentum into both worlds I know. I will use the energy of one to converse with the other. What may sound like madness to anyone unfortunate to read this far and not understand a word of it, simply means, I am going to really ‘play hard’ in your world and things are going to get really interesting. To those that have experience of these shifts, even tired of them as I have become in the past, then follow me, I am here to connect two worlds. To those that are technically interested, I will be investigating the realities that exist and testing what belief systems really mean to our existence and what really is happening now.

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