The Perfect Point

There is a point, a single point in which everything is. There is nothing outside of this point and in a sense, nothing inside of it either, but it contains the essential definition of everything.

That is, everything that is, was and will be and any other expansion of any timeframe possible. I will suggest that if you follow any path to enlightenment, spirituality, science or logic then this point will be the ‘all that is’ and we are ‘it’.

Now this point, this container of all possible realities is not fixed. If it were I would not be writing this, indeed you would not be there to read it. This point is undergoing change, but change denotes time, doesn’t it? This is the most fascinating thing I can try to understand, that there is a difference in one space to another. How is that possible? A point expanded to infinity would be throughout itself a point, no part of it any different from another, yet ‘I am here, now’, you are ‘there, some other time’. It creates an explosion of possibility simply going from mathematically, 0 to 1, meaning the ‘0’ space exists (so to speak), the ‘1’ space exists, and wonderfully the infinity has to be in between, or it would simply be a single point. How is one part in existence at all!!

If you were to ‘be’ the point then you would create within it. You would expand something to be able to reach into it ‘being’ or ‘not being’. An expansion from a point in our three dimensional universe be the expansion of a point to a sphere, containing within it, and throughout it all, the point, but having something existing that could be ‘here’ or ‘there’, or ‘this’ and ‘that’. If you create anything like this then you create a range, a separation, a dimension. This dimension created can be from a point of infinite ‘length’, or have an infinite ‘that way’ and infinite ‘this way’ or simply in greater understanding become a ‘circle’, going back on itself indefinitely.

The mystery is of course, the ultimate ‘ghost in the machine’ thought. How in this point, does the ‘I am’ exist. It is within all of us and logically (though maybe in different meaning) within any and every part of the universe, in the point. Without the ‘I am’ there would not be anything. There would not be an existence in any universe. Bring it fully home, the ‘I am’ that you sense, reading this, is the very same ‘I am’ that is creating this, the very same ‘I am’ which is the only thing that exists – you and I are one, in the most fundamental and true sense. The ‘ghost’ is the awareness, the consciousness that exists that is everything and within itself all things. The separation that exists, in time, in space, and many more dimensions than I can fathom, is the fantastic reason ‘you are’ reading this, that ‘I am’ writing this.

I as the point, as the part of the all, wishes to understand, experience, to live and ‘be’ it all.

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