Day 1 of the #30DC

Here we go … Day 1 of the 30 Day Challenge …

The team have put together a fantastic array of sites to nudge you to pick out niches. Now this isn’t rocket science and I see many people get stuck here right at the beginning. My advice would be just pick anything that you fancy – you will be testing later whether it is worth it or not.

Best to think of this as part of a constant cycle of getting ideas and testing the market for them. The better and quicker you are at this cycle the more likely you are going to find that perfect niche(s).

Finding Niches Bookmarks

I have entered all the bookmarks I could get sensible results from and exported them from Firefox. If it makes life easier for you then feel free to import this file into your Firefox.

Save it off as a HTML file first

Shawn’s Finding Niches Bookmarks – as at Jan 28 2010

Just go Bookmarks->Organise Bookmarks…->Import HTML and it should work fine.

If anyone finds new sources then please let me know I’ll add to it on occasions.

Oh Those voices

The negative voices that appear in my head have not got a chance 🙂 A serious resolve is really getting to work of my bigger challenge and I keep telling myself I can achieve it. I have seen many videos now that put you through a self analysis of why you want to be rich, what your attitudes to money are, what are your believed limitations, together with the usual ones of procrastination, what are your doubts, etc etc.

I must admit I am becoming very averse to this now.

This voice inside just says Stop playing around and JUST DO IT.

I guess if you get it wrong at least you will be able to find out where later. If you keep hanging around not actually doing the fundamental things you need then you have nothing to compare to. The hanging around is easy, it starts with, OK, what should I be doing. The you may watch a video again to make sure. Then you might look around and see what other distractions will give you inspiration – then you find yourself updating your Facebook status, answering the phone and making a coffee.

Just Do IT.

If it’s wrong and you have to do it again you still save time.

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