Day 2 of the #30DC

Finished day 2 of the 30 day challenge. The output of this is 3 microniche sites for competition test.

Very good Phrase Match to Broad Match explanation video here.

Goal: To find microniches that obey the following criteria:-

SEO Traffic >80 searches per day
SEO Competition < 30,0000 pages
PBR (Phrase-to-Broad-Ratio) >15%


Iteration through Market Samurai

  1. Start at Market Level
  2. Reviewed Niches
  3. Reviewed Microniches

Find Microniche

  1. New Project->Keyword [Enter market]->Create
    Keyword Research (Google Synonym Tool On, Include Additional On, SEOT On 0, Phrase Length 1-10 Words)->Generate Keywords
    =Collection of potential niches to Explore

    Check for any niches that jump out at you

  2. Select Key Symbol of niche – New Tab appears
    Keyword Research (Google Synonym Tool On, Include Additional On, SEOT On 0, Phrase Length 1-10 Words)->Generate Keywords
    =List of potential microniches
  3. Analyze Keywords
    Filter (SEOT 80)->Refresh Filters
    Analyze Keywords (SEOC On)
    Filter (SEOC 30,000, PBR 15)->Refresh Filters
    =List of possible site themes

    Select Key Symbol of Theme Keyword – New Tab appears

Find Category Keywords

Theme keyword = overall theme of web site
Category keywords = different categories of information contained within it


Keyword Research (Google Synonym Tool On, Include Additional On, SEOT On 0, Google Search Keywords On, Phrase Length 1-10 Words)->Generate Keywords
Analyze Keywords
Click Search Volume (descending)
Filter (SEOT 80)->Refresh Filters (to minimise impact on Google – Google block)
Analyze Keywords
Filter (SEOC 30,000, PBR 15)->Refresh Filters
=All related to main Theme

Remove unwanted keywords

Then a judgement on whether it is worth it, maybe 3 or 4 keywords for categories to be found unless overall traffic values are very good

Additional thoughts for later

My own thoughts here – and they are my own so treat them with caution 🙂

I don’t agree fully with the analogy of (Mega)market->Market->Microniche as the 3 step process mentioned above. It may not happen that way. I would use the analogy of the gold prospector of the old west. The purpose is to dig down past the megamarkets, markets and find a niche that satisfies the SEOT and SEOC above, to find possible gold nuggets. This may happen in one step, or it may take a few – maybe it takes on average 3 steps.

Also a quick explanation of the relationship between Searches and SEOT (although MArket Samurai may use different figures)  There is a table I have from previous notes (that need checking elsewhere) but simply it says that out of the 100% of searches for a keyword the following SERPs positions receive this share of the volume.

  1. 42.30%
  2. 11.92%
  3. 8.44%
  4. 6.03%
  5. 4.86%
  6. 3.99%
  7. 3.37%
  8. 2.98%
  9. 2.83%
  10. 2.97% (yes – it is slighter higher than the 9th position)

So position 1 in Google would get about 40% (2/5ths) of the share of total traffic for that keyword. Position 1 in MArket Samurai would be SEOT as a ration of the number of Searches.

Also I wasn’t too clear whether you had to add up the whole of the theme and category keywords to predict the whole traffic. This must be part of the judgement you need to make as to whether it is worth continuing looking at this microniche or not.

Another thing, with the usual ‘Who Am I to say’ disclaimers, is that there are still keywords that can get missed in this process. Maybe on pulling a megamarket back from Google, many useful market and microniche keyword have run of the edge of the total list brought back. So some common sense is still needed here.

Finally, final disclaimer, the resulting site will be fragmented. Driven only by the traffic volume coming through, the category theme keywords may be unrelated segments of the main theme. While this obviously means only spend time on the phrases that pays(es) it is I am sure a contention waiting to happen in the future.

But Hey – I’m here to follow the program – and that’s what I’ll do 🙂

Find Microniche
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