Do Great Things and Be All That You Can Be

I don’t know why I am writing this but it is something that I have always strongly felt, but I never really knew what to do with it. It is what I wish for everyone, everyone I know, and everyone I don’t. It is a feeling that I believe in with all my heart and I think my soul, though the definition of where it comes does escape me.

Please people – Open up to everything that is there for you – Be All That You Can Be

I truly believe there is a consciousness growing within those that fell it that far surpasses anything that has been felt in the history on the known world. The power of our abilities increase constantly as time passes, so too must the power of what we are.

We can do wonderful things in the world. All the right things that we know inside can be followed and anything that comes against it will melt away.

We grow, we learn, we experience, with more and more options appearing but there is one thing to follow. The greatest feelings you have inside, the one you know are right, the ones you feel in your heart to be what you really believe in. Reach them … we all have them …  Do Great Things in the world

Find the highest ideals you can create and think about them, learn to act on them in your life. Be the best that you can achieve and live.

This felling, this ideal is such a beautiful one – Let it take over your life. Use it and touch other people’s lives with it. Make their lives better, remove a stumbling block from their path, help them, we can together become so much better. We can together make life wonderful not only for ourselves but for every other form of life that touches ours. As we step, falteringly into the universe then we must raise ourselves from the ground that we are fixed to. There is an abundance of everything in the universe, everyone can grow and experience it all in their lives.

Be Everything you want to be

Make a start in your life. You are wonderful, you are alive, made of star dust, a truly wonderful machine you are connected to can change the physical universe in any way you choose, right where it is the most important, right around you.

Your feelings and ideals are limitless and unbounded by the physical universe, your ideas reach to the stars, galaxies, the web of clusters of galaxies of which you are a physical part. Don’t you sense how wonderful your existence is.

The greatest experience is that it is YOU that is experiencing. Good or bad experiences it doesn’t matter, it is YOU that exists here and now, what is the alternative?

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