The truth is the Truth IS

Having been subjected to many different ways of thinking in my life from people of sometimes totally different values I realised something, I decided that this is where I should have stayed in the beginning and certainly the place I wish to stay…

Was never what was created on the outside, this is just documentation of the physical world that we see. The truth is inside; the truth we all know is within us all.

Open you mind, open you heart and let the truth guide you. The truth is the good we feel, the love, the awesomeness of what we are experiencing. Even a child has a sense of good and bad, it is connected to behaviours, to the family and society as the child grows.

Reach inside, feel the truth inside, it is always there, always has been. We are able to be, we are here and we are

Nothing you do is insignificant, nothing unimportant, it is the existence of you, the most important thing in you universe and it grows moment by moment to everything you are capable of achieving.

The truth may be looked for in books, in the archives of our history; it may be looked for in others, in the universe that surrounds us. But if it is found, it is only real if it connects to the truth inside. The rest is data, information, knowledge, the patterns presented to us by the reality we live in. If it were all totally different the truth would still remain the same.

The truth is something that never changes. Truth doesn’t change with fashion or fear.

You don’t need to be told what to think or do. You don’t need to do as you are told.

How do you know that good is better than bad? How do you know that love is better than hate?

Just think, can any book, any person tell you that any of these expressions of truth is wrong. It can never be argued away and certainly never changed. It is proved inside.

You didn’t need words; you didn’t need to be told. The concepts are in everyone and they are the same. We all want the positive and reject the negative; we all have the highest ideals.

Our avoidance of them to reach a singular purpose or need can create pain, war and lies; we neither want nor need them anymore.

Our avoidance of it within ourselves can create suffering, misery and illness.

It is the time in history when we see the direct results of our actions across the globe. We see so many information, ideas and concepts so different from each other that appear to clash. More than ever we need to use our gift of knowing, of searching, of understanding the truth.

Finally, the truth is … the Truth IS

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