Everything is real?

In the infinite there must be an infinite of everything. This seems absurd for it would suggest that everything has an infinite number of states. But with the suggestion of everything within infinity they all must be as real as each other. If there is a dimension, a term that at the moment I use without fully understanding its definition, then there must be an infinite number of dimensions. If there is an ‘I’ then why is it only singular. The singularity and the infinite seem to be the same thing, though logically, mathematically, rationally it is hard to define. Everything, although infinite is a singular thing. The universe although infinite is a singular thing. Whatever ‘I’ exists in the universe must be the singular ‘I’. This singular ‘I’ is what? God, Everything, or ‘I’ in its infinite form.

Pulling back, if there is an infinite of things, then everything within it is real. Everything must be as real as each other. Anything that imagine not to be real therefore must be. Every thought, every perception whether seen or imagined must be in fact real.

Another implication is of connectivity. Everything is connected to everything else. If anything could be taken away then the whole thing could not exist. Everything has to be. Everything thing has a direct, absolute and real effect on everything else.

So take it to an extreme which doesn’t make sense at the moment, every thought or imagination must have an effect upon everything else.

I am aware of the theories of multiverses and probabilities within the fringes of science but it is certainly hard to visualise every possibility splitting up into its components. It only seems to be perceived by the capacity of thought anyway. Every moment having an infinite number of possibilities. There must be something of a filter to be able to create anything.

Another thought that makes this interesting is where if everything exists then the beauty of mathematics will collapse it into a singular framework. Its beauty has been in its ability to describe and prove itself. A mathematically proof is a thing that proves a singular result, loosely speaking, and collapses probabilities down to something of a framework. Is it possible to ever have 1+1=3? So does this collapse everything into a singular structured framework or is there a possibility that in some respects this can exist?

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