So where do you begin?

I can wander, or indeed wonder around the information that is present to me about the true reality of life but I feel that I need to be in direct experience of it. I will undoubtedly not be able to fully understand the interactions that seemingly take place on another level if I try to process it all intellectually.

What I need is real, actual, current experience in a framework that specifically for me will enable the most effective understanding.

Where would I start?

I must admit to myself that intellectually I have no idea of where to start – I need more than that.

So if I trust that life is created in a fashion that enables the ‘I’ that I sense to be able to achieve its objectives then should it not work. I need to initiate this journey somehow, fully trusting that it is not a wasteful or misdirected one. Maybe the journey itself does not have a destination? But it must have a direction toward more understanding of myself and the universe in which I live.

I ask of the universe, of whatever it consists of to direct and formulate this journey. In this statement is the trust that however far I can define the ultimate reality of God, the universe, or indeed myself, that it would not have any inclination to misguide me. If this has a direction then in that direction I must place my request. To know, experience, to understand the truth from wherever I am here.

This perfect universe, that intellectually must contain everything, must contain the very thing I am trying to implore. In that context it is then that very thing that is providing within me this imploration. This desire must stem from within it and must therefore have an answer.

I am aware that this may not all exist in what I perceive, it may not require the intellect or reason, it may not be anything that I at this present moment understand. But it must be, or these words will never have been written.

So it begins now.

It must be all accessible, it exists already. I must trust, accept and imagine that this journey has begun.

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