Exploding from the Future Into the Past

A theory that allows synchronicitous events to simply be effected causes… Or some other dubious theory that comes to mind.I keep noticing more and more things that are much more significantly coincidental as I get older. Things that seemed totally unrelated in the decades leading up to now I find connect together seemingly perfectly. Most of the fragments of things I get to feel are coming together in some coherent thing that I cannot yet see.

All sounds very odd, I know. It is difficult to put it into words.

I can only conceptualise it by saying it is a complete something in the future that has exploded into fragments into the past. As you move forward the pieces just seem to connect together with more frequency. Also some things join together in ways that make you feel in awe, you didn’t see them in quite that way until now.

It does give a feeling of purpose I guess. However, I wish I understood how it could be, or whether life would have been much simpler if I knew the whole story in the beginning. I don’t see the advantage to having things slowly connect, it seems a waste of effort and reason.

It does suggest though it is better to be here now than it has ever been and the connections will keep on increasing exponentially until the whole purpose is clear.

A theory…

I want to stop time sometimes and rip things apart piece by piece, concept by concept until everything is known and understood and put back together properly in my mind. Instead of coping with this constantly shifting noise that pass by so quickly, that it seems wasteful to spend time thinking about it while the next bit flies by.

The dreamer dreams a theme that reels in a reality of its own. Not a very useful theme in the waking state but it is wonderful to experience them.

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