Think Big They Say – Don’t Think Small

I do agree, we need to stand on the shoulders of giants and stretch our imagination to the limits of conceptual freedom. Wander with wonder through all the wonderful things that you can wish for, dream of, imagine, create. I agree we waste so much time living the life of the small ideas. Thinking big is good for you…


But let’s not get carried away with what is being achieved here. Thing big as the destination, the final thing. Don’t think big in what needs to be done right now or you will get swallowed by your dreams.

Imagine you dream being as big as you possibly can, and see it as a direction. Then focusing on the direction you naturally take each step and fulfil it in the moment, the now.

But don’t think you have to do all the things that need to be done to achieve the dream. Just be in the direction of the biggest thing.

You will work out what is best for you as you move toward the biggest thing without losing yourself. The biggest thing may change, the steps will continue towards your highest ideals – your best ideas.

We seem to follow the leader with who can think the biggest.
They will tell you to think the biggest.
Well – tell them – the biggest is not necessarily the best!

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