Four Veterans I Know Will Fail the Challenge #tc10

Here are four people I know who have entered the Challenge with the hopes of finally getting a foothold on the Internet and creating a business online. They have all seen the Challenge before and have entered this year to make it a success. Sadly however I know they will fail – Is this you?


Mike found the Challenge ages ago and has watched all the videos. He is a very intelligent guy who has seen loads of Internet products. In fact he has over the years bought into a selected few of the best ones including I’m afraid a few of the scams. He is always on the lookout for new ideas and the latest on how to make money online. In fact a few other product launches are being made right at this moment and Matt is studying them and trying to find out what he needs to do to make it this year. Matt will follow the course but will be distracted by shiny new products promising him instant wealth and killer techniques.


Mike has also seen many launches and products on the Internet before but forces himself to follow this Challenge because he hasn’t actually made anything yet. When it gets to installing Chrome he becomes uncomfortable – ‘What a waste of time that was’. He actually hates Chrome and wants to stick with his favourite browser because he knows the others just don’t work. He listens to the UStream channel because he has to, but he is annoyed that he had to wait up just to get to see it. Worse still he had loads of problems logging in, again it seems he has wasted his time, he complains about waiting for the actual streaming to start on the chat line – ‘What a bunch of Novices’. Finally it starts but his ability to listen to any of the program is switched off when he has to put up with a load of kids and – Who was that? – Freddie Mercury? – dancing to some stupid tune? This isn’t for him. He listens to the disclaimer later and thinks – ‘Oh Yeah – an Internet Marketer telling the truth has to be an oxymoron’. He will follow the course, but will have many issues going forward and you can be sure he will be letting others know about it.


Lou however, really loves everything he has seen so far. He is a little daunted by the first tasks but manages to keep up and he is really excited by it all and is enjoying every moment of it. Lou is doing the Challenge because he has found it impossible to make money online at all. He really looks up to the people that have made it work and cannot quite see how he could possibly do it, but being completely positive, he will try. His previous efforts always seemed doomed to failure and he found it impossible to do it the right way; he was always messing up and knew his work was really mediocre, so he gave up. Lou will continue with the course but will fail at something he cannot do.


Joan is Internet savvy; she is a veteran in the true sense of the word. She has followed the course before and created a site that was in a good niche and did all the work she was expected to. In fact, she learned so much that she was, in fact, able to create any successful site she wanted.  However, her five-page site she created before was never a success. She watched it die away in the ranking for the one main keyword she was looking for, but with the changes she made here and there couldn’t get it back up. She hopes this year she will be taught new techniques to enable her to be more successful this time round.

Can you see yourself in any of these four people? If you are new to this then make sure you don’t follow their mistakes.

What advice would you give to them, without hurting their feelings?

I can think of the following brief replies but you might work out better ways to tackle their problems.

  • Matt – Get out of Learning Mode and get something done
  • Mike – Just get your preconceptions out of the way and test what they are telling you for yourself
  • Lou – Get used to failure, it is going to happen, but just keep trying. Failure is learning.
  • Joan – Don’t be lazy and get involved with the markets you have already invested time into.

Are there any other kinds of people who will fail?

Will you?

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