Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-10

Another active week on Twitter – using Tweets like canaries in a coal mine…

  • @arosinfo We are in a private group on Facebook ‘The Challenge UK’ – but you gave me an idea and I am looking at what Skype can do now in reply to arosinfo #
  • For Windows (Hehe!) users it looks like Skype 5 Beta allows 5 Way FREE (for now) video conferencing – Good for teams? #tc10 #
  • RT @groobers: RT @CaroMcC RT @gurubob: The ‘official’ hash tag for The challenge in 2010 is #tc10 : & try to catch any still left on #30DC #
  • @arosinfo Neat idea – Suggest it on #tc10 and it might get you a few followers πŸ˜‰ in reply to arosinfo #
  • #Social #Network #Media #Facebook #Twitter #World #Marketing #FF #YouTube #Internet —- Something interesting going on at #tc10 Take a look #
  • Had weird idea abt the death of the domain name & takeover by Facebook pages – Is it a possibility? Is it worth writing abt? #Facebook #tc10 #
  • Sorry about adding #tc10 to my last Tweet πŸ™‚ I find I am doing it without thinking now [FX Head slap] #
  • Have discovered the worst aggregators of content spinning & spamming exist in the source code sites. I wish Google had Regular Expressions!! #
  • If you have a list, pay attention to it!…Do you think I will pay much attention to you if my email starts with “Hi {!name_fix},” #
  • Good Morning World!!! The sun is shining, it is a beautiful summers day and I am ready to #tc10 .. I need a “I Mean Business” Bandana πŸ™‚ #
  • The ‘official’ hash tag for The challenge in 2010 is #tc10 Come on over anyone still left on #30dc #
  • @2Plus4is7 I find it makes more sense when you treat Twitter a bit like a chat radio station #tc10 in reply to 2Plus4is7 #
  • I just bought SEX.COM – Can I use it on The Challenge? πŸ˜‰ Yes that old domain is up for sale again #tc10 #
  • @2Plus4is7 Lawnmowers? Interesting use for it πŸ™‚ I though it might be a good education site πŸ™‚ Or a Standalone Emitting Xray m/c microniche in reply to 2Plus4is7 #
  • is up for sale πŸ™‚ The last owner has got a headache #social #rt #sm #media #health #sports #diet #networking #
  • @mikaylasway Well that domain’s probly exploding w/ niches – In fact the word niche may have a cmpletly different meaning 2 wht I wld know in reply to mikaylasway #
  • I have just fell in love with TweetDeck’s update TweetShrink – How geeky is that? #
  • @mikaylasway Do you know what? IMHO It definitely should be an education site – Throw all the smut at the .xxx domains πŸ™‚ #
  • @mikaylasway Yes – On the day of the revolution, everyone & evry domain’ll be equal, people will help & not spam, learning will be for life in reply to mikaylasway #
  • Shall we all chip in with SEX.COM? #tc10 For Challenge winners Sharing Ed’s – a sort of social site? #
  • TweetDeck humbly apologises for both of Shawn’s last tweets – Plans are being made to uninstall myself for the good of humanity #
  • @Bruce_Carse I actually liked that – I usually ignore the !!! kind of posts – Good advice in there in reply to Bruce_Carse #
  • @Bruce_Carse Yes- Finding your great work-That’s why I’m here on the Challenge, learning how to get there and how to finance it in reply to Bruce_Carse #
  • @Bruce_Carse My heart is in as you may tell I must be crazy or seriously idealist – But 100% that is my great work in reply to Bruce_Carse #
  • Don’t forget TweetDeck (or an other app) + Chromed Bird => Exceeding Twitter API limits – Use one or the other #tc10 #
  • @Bruce_Carse Thank you Bruce in reply to Bruce_Carse #
  • I’ve update my Challenge Blog Journal list – 21 so far – Any more? Go on – you know you want to πŸ™‚ #tc10 #
  • RT @barbsabathil: $30,999.00 4 Internet Marketing Master of Science Degree?? Save yr $$. Do The Challenge instead #tc10 #
  • RT @grahunt: RT @mark_copeman: A tale VERY close to my heart.Spend 5 mins getting whatvr happened today into proportion #
  • Just playing with HootSuite (TY @TraciKnoppe) drag’n’drop πŸ™‚ –Me on a bike, as usual, totally out of control #
  • @AJTivol I wish it had a OneNote extension πŸ™ in reply to AJTivol #
  • @mdsuburbs Chromed Bird Account Chg -Doesn’t appear to allow that – Reading @TraciKnoppe ‘s blog put me on to HootSuite – that does and more in reply to mdsuburbs #
  • @mdsuburbs HootSuite will do most of TweetDeck + its Web – there are a few minor points missing but it is worth a try in reply to mdsuburbs #
  • G’Mornin’ – Two important states of mind for success in the Challenge – “Discipline” and “Leave Your Preconceptions at the Login” #tc10 #
  • A quiet day for the Challenge – I have deleted all the numerous Ads from my Blog – Is Ed’s marketing message finally sinking in? #
  • My tweets are becoming ‘canaries in a coal mine’ – most don’t survive, but I am learning lots from the ones that come back πŸ™‚ #
  • @mdsuburbs I love that idea – Will test it out πŸ™‚ in reply to mdsuburbs #
  • Here’s a neat place 4 testing yr web pages on – What % of people will see your info? #tc10 #
  • Today is -“Setting Expectations.”My goal must be to beat my impatience! Anyway team, let’s follow the tip, let’s set some goals #tc10 #
  • RT @Lostuff: RT @LukeMoulton: Why Flippa is supporting The Challenge #tc10 {Great course} #
  • Amazon opens grocery site to compete with Tesco I wondered who would try to get into that market – Amazon is a surprise #
  • @SusanToddUX @topweddingsongs Amazon groceries UK – a little limited in range, not so competitive in price, how do they compare in Seattle? #
  • Looking thru’ my usability degree course 4 something that has struck me like a bolt of lightning that came from Ed’s mantra 1PAGE 1JOB #tc10 #
  • I think coming from an IT background I have missed the major tenet of marketing – the purpose – and I feel stupid!! Article is on its way… #
  • @CaroMcC Litter Kwitter – You definitely do not want to forget that’s there in the dark! MeoooW! in reply to CaroMcC #
  • @jgk007 It shows the % of browsers that see that part of your web page – take a look at ‘How Google Browser Size Works’ in reply to jgk007 #
  • “A strange game. The only winning move is not 2 play. How abt a nice game of chess?” War Games: In the Challenge the opposite is true #tc10 #
  • @ewealths Hi Iroko, welcome to the Challenge #
  • @wichern Hi Ronald – Welcome to the Challenge in reply to wichern #
  • Don’t follow me if you are following over 5,000 already – Or you’ll be forced to read all their tweets πŸ™‚ #

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