Get HUNGRY people!!!

I have been following Brendon Burchard for a while, he is the name behind the book “Life’s Golden Ticket” and Expert’s Academy. He has produced an interesting video that I thought I would share here. He goes through his thoughts on what steps people go through to go from bad times to winning and success. It all begins with HUNGER…

Success and Winning Streaks by Brendon Burchard

Here are the steps:-

  • Hunger – you have got to be “HUNGRY!!”, you have to have a deep desire to succeed, it promotes inspiration – Opposite: No more purpose
  • Ownership – you have to be accountable for yourself – “It’s ON ME!” – Opposite: Too much delegation of everything
  • Learning – taking in new information to do it, what do you need to learn – Opposite: ‘Out of touch’
  • Focus – need to get serious about it – Opposite: Distracted from what made them successful
  • Initiative – massive action! you need to do it to change things – Opposite: Apathy, no more pushing
  • Collaboration – you need to work with more people to help to get better, work with them, getting others involved in your idea – Opposite: Siloed, working in a restrictive group
  • Accessible – become “More – In Touch” with the people you serve – Opposite: Closed Off, no more learning, lose touch
  • Mastery – to become excellent – Opposite: Mediocre to themselves, not pushing any more
  • Coaching – learning from mentors, coaches, customers, especially from the ones who do it already – Opposite: Ego
  • Gratitude – being thankful for the people, the circumstances that help you move up – Opposite: Thoughtless of people around them

I am somewhere around the level of Learning and Focus, where distraction is my biggest enemy. How about you?

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