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Being a firm believer in pushing yourself to ‘be all that you can be’ is the reason I am getting into the area of self improvement more and more. In my case the opportunities are endless…

Too Much Research can Kill You

How spending too much time researching a project will kill your productivity. Continue reading

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With Success the Universe is Actually On Your Side

From a cold snowy day sleighing with the children comes an appreciation of the cold reality that gets in the way and realising when it comes to success, the Universe is actually on your side… Continue reading

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I failed because …

Did a quick Google search on the reasons people give for failure and let my researcher app gather them up. The result is really interesting, when you read through it you see so much into the human psyche and the … Continue reading

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Thought I was an Expert in Failure – But didn’t even get that Right! #tc10

I have been thinking about my own failures in Internet marketing so far have changed my outlook in life.  I gave myself the dubious honour of becoming an expert in failure but do you know what? I didn’t even get … Continue reading

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I am the Tortoise: In Principle

The Tortoise and the Hare? It may sound like a children’s story and it may seem obvious where the hare failed. However a really useful principle can come out of it when you consider how effective you can be? Continue reading

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Healthy Memory – Top 7 Physical Tips to Help You Achieve It

A healthy memory helps you achieve your desired goals more effectively. There are psychological aspects to achieving it which need to be addressed but also it is just as important to remember, a healthy memory comes from having a healthy body. Here are the most common and effective physical tips to help you achieve it. Continue reading

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