Hot Tub Time Machine Buyers Guide

Time out – literally on this one. Here is the Hot Tub Time Machine buyers’ guide…

This time machine is the means to put your life right from the mistakes you previously made. If only you knew then what you did now eh?! Correct those mistakes in comfort in our Hot Tub Time Machine. Russian energy drink required – contains an important chemical.

From our range of Life rejuvenating time machines

  • Ultra durable design
  • Designed to be seemlessly installed into decking
  • Lifetime warranty – not including lifetimes produced with use of time machine
  • Ergonomically designed seats that accommodate people of all heights
  • Fully adjustable jets and foot massagers.
  • 2KW Heater – ice age heating plus is an extra
  • Digital control panel
  • Perfect hot tub for relaxing after at hard day’s work with built in recliner and back massage hydro jets to massage away the troubles of the day – whatever the destination day happens to be.
  • Plug the spa in to fulfil your dreams today! – Extra portable power supply for destinations prior to the discovery of electricity.

Service Guarantee: A service repairman with in a day’s notice – though unable ever to give a straight or intelligent answer and has an annoying habit of disappearing – Well pretty much like any service repairman actually.

Care must be taken if set before your birth date, flickering reflections can be a problem if this is the case which makes shaving a little dangerous. Also if changes are made in the past that prevents your birth then this could be highly inconvenient if not a little embarrassing for you.

Useful Advice: Important to remember that if married at the time of travel and you enter a time before you were married then you are legally single.

  • Warning: Any luggage left outside of the hot tub whilst travelling will be lost.
  • Warning: Don’t change the circuitry or the whole hot tub will collapse
  • Warning: Don’t change the past or when you return things may be very different when you return
  • Warning: Powered by Chernobyl tainted energy drink – Do not lose your tin if you wish to return
  • Warning: Any mention of Internet, iPhones, Facebook, Twitter at your destination may cause:- strange looks 19th-20th century, reason for asylum 18th -19th century, burning at the stake or worse – up to 17th century
  • Warning: Any loss of modern day gadgetry like iPhones may change the whole course of history – as detailed too many times in Dr. Who
  • Warning: Killing any of your ancestors will cause your non-existence! But then if you didn’t exist then you wouldn’t have gone back in a ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’ to kill your ancestor! Essentially will cause paradoxes and confusion to yourself and anyone that knew you (or didn’t).

Where would you find a Hot Tub Time Machine?

How would you use your Hot Tub Time Machine?

Well you could just simply use it for relaxing after a hard day’s work.

  • What time would you travel back to?
  • Would you relive a certain time or change it completely?
  • Who would you see?
  • What would you do when you are there?
  • What errors would you correct?
  • Do you think the 80’s would be worth reliving again?
  • Which character do you identify with, in the movie, Hot Tub Time Machine?
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