How much time do you spend working in proportion to research? #30DC #30DCHome

I thought this to be an interesting and useful question to try and get answers to.

In a battle of Doing and not Reading personally I find it so hard to actually just get on with it!! The Internet is becoming more and more a distraction over the years and it is so easy to get lost in the plethora of searches, forums, Facebook, Twitter, Buzz etc. etc. that I wonder how many of you suffer from spending too much time there?

I regard it as a success that by being really hard on myself, pushing to get on with the work I know I must do, I have managed to break the distraction below about 25% Work : 75% Research over a week. However I use the term research loosely as many of you know this can drive you off reading anything and everything at times.

So I am interested, especially with you 30 Day Challengers out there (Will there be any more this year Ed??), what ratio of time you manage to spend on work as opposed to research?

Also if you have any tips you would like to share on how you stay productive amongst all the noise, new ideas and opinions. The ultimate is to unplug the Internet altogether – but in this industry that has to be impossible???

Ironically, the most successful answer to this post, may be be from someone who doesn’t waste the time reading and answering it 🙂

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