Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-14

  • The biggest problem I feel on creating a niche site is – be successful but not follow the herd of anonymous comments, rewritten reviews etc #
  • Looking at who is doing well in the SERPs at times is heartbreaking – so much of it is rehashed rubbish!!! #
  • How do you create a site that is TRULY useful to the person who finds you? How can you truly be an ethical Internet Marketer? #
  • The red pill or the blue one – Which one do I take? #
  • RT @tonyrobbins: "Be who you are & say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those that matter don't mind!" Dr. Seuss #
  • I have a strange feeling I've had this feeling of Deja Vu before??? #
  • Lovely day today – a cold but pleasant birthday BBQ. Also met an interesting character, a medium. Took me back to my childhood interests 🙂 #
  • To put my system of web site strategy testing properly I realise I need 'quite a few' sites to be effective – It's going to be a busy March! #
  • @Matthias_St Thanks for the response Matthias – You sound like you have the right balance – My aim too is 80:20 Work:Research (in progress) in reply to Matthias_St #
  • Oh boy – you can really get lost in the backlinking world can't you – participate but do not procrastinate #
  • @daveyates 1 or 2 surprises in that list of emerging Social Media sites David? in reply to daveyates #
  • Inevitable for me to say I haven't studied Tony Robbins' 'Time of your Life' because I haven't yet found the time to do it. Must change that #
  • Another distraction found 🙂 What does the UK government do with your money Great Site!! #

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