How To Create your Own Pet Universe

Let’s create a new universe. Easily done. Just imagine you created one somewhere in your mind, doesn’t have to be physically big, just inside the universe it is of course infinitely big. A bit of a paradox by our understanding but see what you are capable of just by applying your mind…

Now you are allowed to do with it anything that you please, but it has been created that is that, it is done.

You do need to give you universe time. Not time in your sense, but also an infinite amount of time within it. Not that you will be waiting around for long but you allow the powerful force of cause and effect to take place.

Right, your universe might be suffering from a little bit of over-homogenousness – in the beauty parades of possible universes yours might be a little plain, every part of it just like any other part. You might imagine one or two things in it but that is it, I am afraid your mind may not be up to the job a creating a whole infinite universe and taking care of and nurturing your universe. Don’t be sad, we just need to do some more work on our pet universe. We need to make it fundamentally unstable…

You may not understand anything about quantum physics, even if you know nothing about it or have studied it for decades on end, but you are about to introduce another paradox. Any tiny part of this universe will change its state, for no apparent reason, beyond any control, and it will do this constantly.

Without time the idea of cause and effect is really quite meaningless, but restricting your universe in this way allows things to sequence. Especially now you have allowed not only things to change, but also multiplied it by the ability to allow changes to affect later changes. We have gone from the serial line of noise to the fantastic power of the mightiest force, compounding.

Now out of the simplest stuff your universe is now going through massive, almost one can say infinite change. It should be really cooking now. It seems now you have everything happening in this fundamental fabric of your universe.

OK, a mighty leap from creating that little bit of change but these changes that take place will take on any number of an infinite number of possibilities. If any combination of these fluctuations creates something that creates stability within your universe then other changes will create things that either make it unstable or add to it.

This means that in the time of the universe, all sorts of compounded states will occur. The ones that survive will carry on changing. Growing and dying. Evolving…

You have actually created the breeding ground for life, for things to exist within it, for life to create more life and more abstract changes, for life to create art, produce dynasties, grow and evolve and maybe at some point to work out how to communicate with you and ask what day you rested from your creation.

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