Why is evolution such a great concept to investigate when creating a system?

It is a great concept because any system behind the very fact that this symbolic noise being packeted along fibres and blasted at you is a good thing to focus on, especially if you actually understand some of the thoughts that originated it. For if some fundamental part of what is called evolution wasn’t there then this very event would never have occurred in the whole of eternity. The fact that life has found a way and organised itself into form of intelligence to allow that event to occur is of immense fascination to me. Not to say that I totally agree with what the complete definition of evolution really encompasses the whole thing – but maybe that is because I do not really have a full understanding of it.

I will not enter into it being the cause of the life in this sense here. I have always felt it hasn’t and some yet to be understand and fundamental presence is more behind that. Maybe the day we connect our highest ideals and emotions to something other than the vibration of some mass in the universe is the day we finally understand those principles. Life may indeed be much older than our current solar system would allow anyway, possibly older than our current galaxy, that hosts the remains of many other ancient stars, even planets, that existed in the ones that lived before.

My interest in it is purely from a systematic viewpoint. In the physical world there is definitely a process of change that occurs that enables the driven system to live on and take advantage of its environment. Through some method that has sustained life here, that has been through so many eons of testing of this environment through making subtle changes to its process.

This process has allowed life to exist in the most unimaginable places. It is curious though that it is the very same process driving these formerly unknown species that exist here in the mundane, if not interesting, everyday forms of life that we are accustomed to.

It is a system that works in both a constant and apocalyptically changing environment. It diversifies, it tests, it multiplies, scales up and essentially in the end flourishes.

What are the core rules of this system that allows it to do this?

If you were to create a system in an environment that was constantly under change and your goal was to maximise its efficiency and effectiveness within that environment wouldn’t you think that evolution might be a concept to investigate when creating it?

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