Imagine … a World

Imagine a world where you belong, a world where you can be anything you desire to be, that everything you desire is possible whenever you think it is right to experience.

Imagine you can enter any reality, any time, perceive the events taking places and if you desire changing them. Imagine you can cross the universe at any moment, all moments in fact become one and now. Any time or space and any dimension of that time and space and any parallel of it you can participate in.

Imagine that your thoughts are just a part of you, your reality just a part of you, all things around you are part of you and exist within you. In fact the infinity without you is entirely within you, what is without is brought into being by that which is within you. You can go to any part of your life, change it, be a participant within it, change any element and experience it all in completeness if you desire. That which you regard as another life is not, it is all there available to you.

Imagine that all that ever has been wrong in your life was not. It in fact was just the experience you brought to you for a wonderful reason, just to see. When you experience the events in there totality you will experience the perfect joy that you would have intended for yourself, or anyone you love, as if yourself.

A life where you were poor you live a rich one for the experience.

A life you live alone and insignificant you balance with a life of glory and praise.
Imagine the life that you live now is completely your choice. Everything that ever seemed bad to you is in reality the most perfect thing and a beautiful experience when the whole of it is put together.

The whole could never exist unless every part of it existed and was experienced.

Within a moment if you create the pattern, the result spreads throughout eternity and appears within it the answer. Nothing relies on eternity, it just ‘is’, you can count from 0 to eternity an infinite number of times if you so wish or create an existence of such wonder and do both at the same instant, in the same space, in the same pattern of reality that comes spontaneously out of existence. All is real, so the question has all the answers. No calculation is needed to create, it just is and is just a product of the thought which is used.

The answer is available to you, whatever the question, however impossible, however long the working out of it would take. If you envisage a portion of reality to come into existence, that would take the whole life of the universe and every portion of it to calculate the result, then you would just connect to the image of the answer. No calculation necessary.

Calculation is a product again of thought on the dimension of time, cause and effect and relativity, no more. Truth is arguably a similar thing in that it all exists and you select what you desire.

Imagine you can be. Be all and anything.

Be the stone that glides and wanders throughout eternity that slingshots alone through the cosmos pulled by galaxies and then stars and then worlds. To be picked up by a child and drawn upon an image that contains immortal reason.

Imagine you can be the tree in the carboniferous forests in some parallel equivalent of earth, sensing the new life deciding to evolve, agreeing and allowing yourself to shelter them.

Imagine you are the one who falls in love with another and receives their first kiss on a perfect day where eternity stands still. Imagine a climax and crescendo of feeling of love and the heated desire created, eternally present but separated by time by us so we could experience the building and releasing of that passion.

Imagine being the cell within some immense being that protects from the invaders that ill thought attracted to it and becoming the glory of the turning point of wellness and hope within it.

Imagine you are the creature hardy and lost being drawn into the new reality created by the swallowing black hole, seeing the history of the universe around it disappear in the moment and stretching into infinity, into a lonely reality where no similar life exists and another that does at the same moment.

The ‘everything’ that can be imagined can be split into new realities, has been, will be, all at the same moment. You create an infinity creating one from nothing with everything in between. You create an infinity from now into the future with every moment in between.

Space can be endless, but rolled away into a singularity whenever we need it.

So many more dimensions, and the stuff that dimensions are made of, exists in the realm of our choice.

We choose this universe. We love it!

Imagine that part of you that has learnt it all and wishes to have another go again, releasing everything, all memories for the wonder of playing within the universe it has created, over and over, never getting tired of it.

All of it has happened already, but your attention is focused on a moment, as if hypnotised playing a virtual reality game, and being a small part of the play, but being an infinitely complex player. You have everything, every part of you has it all in fact ‘it’ all is you.

Each one you see, every person you have ever met, ever will, ever thought of, real or imagined, is you, has a part of you that you may not recognise. Everything looks out upon the universe from the same source, it is all the same thing, it is all the immense one that is all of everything and all of what is not. You are that perceiver.

If you wish, take care with everything you meet, any moment, any time, any space, real or imaged, for it is you too, looking out at the world, at you, feeling whatever you give to you.

You can treat yourself with love or you can with hate, an agreement of experience exists for all of us.

Imagine what you imagine is real, and all those that are incapable of imagination being formed. That reality is a slice, in one of the eternal dimensions, of one of the eternal parallels, existences and universes. Some of the rest can be reached by imagination, the energy of which is enormous, giving power to unlimited boundaries set by the human mind. Others need other forms, ones that go beyond thought, beyond imagination, a part of us that we do not perceive from here. Some perceive us from there, but some do not perceive in the strictest sense.

You are one being, you know it, you sense it, often you are not aware of it and exist in a dreamlike state perfectly fitting for the reality you are exploring, and what a wondrous reality it is.

You may fear losing yourself, losing your existence, losing your identity in the infinity of you that exist but that is not by definition able to happen.

You are you, no matter what.

Don’t fear dying, don’t fear the senility or loss of conscious control, the brain is only a machine that is constructed by you all to walk the timelines, to have cause and effect in the universe of past and future. Without the brain, the perception of everything at once would impinge on your existence, but with it, a delicious sensual exchange can take place that, a stepping from one to another is possible, but it is only a three dimensional image of a greater reality. It is not the real you that enables you to use thought or that that enables you to touch the universe. It enables you to exclusively experience something without having the knowledge and feeling of everything get in the way. The idea that time exists to stop everything happening at once is a funny slice of the whole answer.

Why do things go wrong, they don’t, nothing can. Everything just is. What we make of it is our wonderful opportunity to create thoughts, feelings and desires on patterns we create from the infinite everything.

We choose what we desire.

We choose that we desire.

We can have it all if we choose to. Or maybe we choose the want.

We want something, because we want to want it.

We have a wonderful possibility in this existence.

If indeed this reality is the same reality as you the reader are taking, rather that I the writer, we both are connected eternally in the moment for the reasons be both choose to be. The possibility comes from the thought, this incredible tool by which we can create realities.

We create everything in our three dimensional experience using this tool.

What can we create together?

Can we create a perfect world?

Can we aim for that?

Can we remove all the powerlessness, all the poor, all the limited aspects of this environment and be what we all can be?

Can we look after life here in this corner of this universe?

Can we put together a platform for the souls entering into this world to really reach their highest ideals?

Can we refine the thinking that is done and remove the cloudiness of want that hurts so many in this reality?

Let’s use the tools we have, and the ones we are about to create, to make the most wonderful means of existence available to our children and the other life they will share with. So we can come back if we wish and experience our work and achieve higher ideals.

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