What is Knowledge?

Is it a solid thing, something real?

Can it be said that something learned is actually true? Is it true under all circumstances? Is it true in the future and the past? What is the relationship of truth to knowledge? Can one exist without the other?

So the gaining of knowledge is what? Are we constructed by what we know? Are we different by knowing something? Or is it some kind of food that energises our thoughts, or paths to direct them?

Do we need to know anything ‘to be’, to be who we are?

Can we have it all, all knowledge? Can we know everything?

Why do we wish for knowledge? Why the desire to learn it all? What difference does it make?

Can we live in a society where knowledge is picked up routinely to experience or achieve something then put down again when finished? To do or experience differently then a different set of knowledge may be chosen that may not match the first.

Do we need knowledge to perceive? Do you see only because you know something is there? Or can you sense without knowledge?

I was working on a part of Emerging Channels and got caught up thinking about a possible future where we might learn to plug into facts, methods and details to accomplish tasks in our lives. Knowing that the exponential increase of information over time makes it more unlikely that we would ever be able to know all the things we should know for a particular task, we may find a way of swapping it in and out of our minds very quickly. In one scenario for example, an emergency, someone may be seriously injured, the ability of a bystander to plug into and use the knowledge to deal with the trauma immediately is becoming more and more possible. We have already stepped into the revolution of having information there, in any places where a smartphone will work, so what future steps will take place here?

It makes me think over the years on this, that I have always suffered the obsession to know it all, to learn everything. As I get older it appears obviously impossible to achieve, then the real question comes down to ‘why?’ and what difference does it make?

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