Internet Marketing and Evolution can save the World?

Evolution is a very successful process. It has produced innumerate life forms in forbidding and hostile places in the universe and in itself seems unstoppable. It seems now the phrase ‘life will find a way’ appears to be so true as we discover more about the universe only to find life teeming in the most unlikely of places. Now whether we fully understand the process behind this or not the theory of evolution goes some way toward explaining why this occurs.

What on earth has this got to do with Internet Marketing – I see myself type?

Well, ‘dear words that appeared’ probably absolutely nothing at all, but it seemed a good idea to throw in. As most ideas do.

Actually, it is here because I have a feeling that in the theory of evolution, or some idea of the processes going on in the real world associated with evolution, is the key to a really great idea. Especially when you are considering how you might create a system – a system that works. Why not when considering such a thing, take a close look at the most effective systems you are aware of, take time to look deeper to see how you might recreate it.

I am not thinking of creating life …

Well for one I wouldn’t be the first, it has already been done, so unfortunately, not a great achievement in itself after all. Considering also how most women on the planet have actually achieved this miracle on a semi-regular basis then again this is not an area where I think I can add anything.

Well that last sentence may be taken another way – but my intention when writing it didn’t involve sex in any way, shape or form. Maybe though talking about it may add a more interesting element to this writing that I had not originally intended, the actual act has been used in evolution so we’ll see if it comes up in applying it to Internet marketing.

I realise that ‘comes up’ may be another unfortunate way of describing the process so I’ll end that line of thought here.

Where is this going?

I am interested in systems and processes and what they really mean in making changes for a future idea of mine. The future idea is essentially how a centralised system can be used by everyone equally to accomplish our needs, the question is how can this system be created. This idea however at the moment relies on accomplishing something first … a system such as this requires communication on a scale never seen or imagined before and Internet marketing is really going deeper and deeper into this territory – really. The essentials within Internet marketing is actually something that needs to be done effectively by anyone in the current world to communicate globally.

So I decided that the one thing I must do is get good at Internet Marketing.

I guess if there is a relationship then my original idea did involve some concept of saving the world and the idea of using Internet marketing was really a way of saving myself first.

Indeed, lies in here, an argument that Internet marketing can save the world.

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