The Pattern of Experience and the Universe that doesn’t listen

Having the luxury of experience is great, I mean experience is the stuff of life and all that stuff. But experience has an annoying property, especially when you tell about it to another person – it is in the past. So when you tell a story of the past, do those mind manufactured rose tinted and hero labelled spectacles get placed on? Do they show how you – the hero – suffered from an experience  and battled on, fighting your way through and beating down every obstacle that comes into your path? I mean you have a great story to tell, don’t you, the heartbreaks, the failures and then out of nowhere the arrival of an angel of success and then the sun shines, the birds sing, everything is beautiful again and you have won.

The problem is always when you are actually in the experience. It is happening right now.

Of course, you can listen to the story of someone who was in your situation and how they battled on, fought their way through and beat down every obstacle and it does help. IT gives you some empathy to the person telling the story and in the movies of the mind gets produced you in that very situation, having overcome the problems. You see it as if it was you – and visualise to your hearts content ,as any positive thinking, or ‘secret’ bundling person will tell you – is the very thing you should do. I mean – it is the ‘Secret’, the universe, though ‘underestimatingly’ on the large side will suddenly change and listen to you, listen to your hearts emotive command that it just has to obey you – just like that. What power!!!…

What was the universe doing in all that time then – before you pushed it aside and told it what to do? Was it twiddling its thumbs in infinite boredom?  Letting out a cosmic yawn only to be interrupted by some infinitely small speck, in an unseen and certainly relatively unfrequented by most of the self respecting entities space that is, face it, an infinitesimally small place to be looking. Didn’t it have enough to do?

Well it seems the experience being heard is by no means possibly unique at all – except perhaps really for one person – you. It is nothing but a pattern you follow. Now it is part of a larger pattern, in fact a boringly massive number of patterns, but it is the pattern you are frequenting… Right Now… Nothing special … just a pattern.

Now a thing about your regular pattern to learn about is that it is … well just a … ahem … pattern. A pattern you are moving around. Of course, the most comfortable pattern is the circular one.  So familiar are the elements of this pattern as you travel round and round it, seeing the same old thing, again and again. It may get a little too comfortable however, and that is the problem with the experience of the travel within it. Hearing another person, talk about their experience, may well be a familiar and similar pattern, but it has one very big difference – again – You. It is your journey, and to change experience, you must change patterns, something has to change, some action or decision must be changed. The nice warm feeling of hearing another’s success may well be the motivation for the changes you make but it really comes down to you.

The universe has got plenty of things to worry about without getting concerned about any demands you might make on it. Some patterns within the universe might help you, because inherently they are nice patterns that do nice things, but there is so much going on you might not even get noticed. But really it is down to you and the universe, although seemingly unhelpful does have one beautiful feature built into it – it will let you choose any pattern you can create.

So, essentially, if it hurts – change the pattern.

Go crazy, change it all if you need to, but understand the change takes place in one very small part of the universe. Practically an insignificant part but for one aspect… again … you … yes, you know who I mean … I am not picking on you … but you can hear me can’t you?

Once done maybe you will find the pattern where the birds are singing, the sun is shining … well … you get the picture I’m sure… which admittedly is just another pattern but we will not split hairs about it.

Maybe our patterns will cross … hopefully they will be one of the nice ones that do nice things in the universe.

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