Let’s Reinvent the Wheel – Again

How many times do you think the ‘wheel’ has been invented, and recreated? How much time and effort has been wasted in creating the ‘wheel’ – it should have only been invented once. Once an idea is created is needs a structure to hold it, so that others can find it and expand on it. Not hidden within the departments and offices of the world only to waste billions in resources that do the same thing later. We need the Internet to grow up and learn from itself.

There is often a saying – that there is nothing new under the sun. I don’t believe this for one second! It is just that we do not recognise them.

It is true however that the new things that get created are new to only the select few that create them. Anyone looking across at all these new things will undoubtedly come to the simple opinion that everything that is being done has been done before.

It is because we still lack the ability to communicate what has been done and what is being done to everyone else. We rely on typing in text most of the time to find out these new things. We are restricted by finding ideas and thoughts through the textual windows of text search in a search engine. Sometimes to find annoyingly that our new things have actually been created before, they were new to someone else ‘before’ you. The new things that we really got excited about have already been done – a painful feeling sometimes.

That’s not the real problem though, that is only a natural experience that we have in life, of others approaching common problems and creating their new things to cope with them. In reality anyone experiencing this disappointment should be congratulated, because they had the capacity often to create a new idea that successfully solved a problem. It is just that the timing for them was later than it was for another person, or group of people and that someone else actually came up with the idea and created it earlier.

I must admit I have been victim of this disappointment so much throughout my life. Perhaps less so in the past but only because I was less aware of the things that other people were doing. Nowadays, this information has been more and more available with the increase of content that has been placed on the Internet, however often it is still something that is not easily found.

So here currently we restrict ourselves to that search, for a keyword that possibly may or may not have been used by someone else when they came up with the idea and reported it somewhere. This somewhere could be a blog, in a forum, it could be on many of the social web sites that exist today, but there is still the chance that it has never been added to the noise of the Internet in the first place.

Quite often people who invent new things are restricted in being able to talk about them. They cannot talk about it because of the non-disclosure of an idea that probably doesn’t belong to them because they invented their new thing at work. It then becomes the property of this awful entity of the company that pays them. This new thing may exist in a memo, an internal email, given to another person in the organisation who may or may not realise the value of this new thing. If they realise the value, and it doesn’t get archived in the company resources, for later deletion or warehouse storage, it may never get acted upon again.

The walls are tall and many that shroud the new things created by people.

So it happens, someone else will come up with the new thing, in their own time, using the precious hours of their life to create it. Then someone else, the ‘wheel’ creators ad infinitum until the walls tumble down.

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