No Children Unless You Pass A Degree in Childcare

With a growing population in limited resources, with so many growing in broken homes, unhealthy environments and having limited opportunity here is an idea for consideration. Not to let anyone have children unless they are capable of bringing them up properly.

I believe in the idea that people should never be restricted to the number of children they have. People should always have the choice of how many children they will have in their family. It seems to be a biological right if anything.

But this idea comes which is attractive if we focus on capability.

We as a society must be uncomfortable when children are born in impossible or hopeless situations. The society can always step in whenever the problems in a child’s life are likely to do long term damage to them but this has time after time been shown to be ineffective.

It seems the root of the problem is proper planning. Is it wrong to restrict the very act of having a child to those who can support them?  It sounds very authoritarian doesn’t it?

Why can’t we only allow anyone to have children once they have demonstrated the ability to look after them? That they have learnt about childcare thoroughly, having thought it through and planned for it. That only after going through and passing a degree in this that they are deemed to be fit and able to support the children throughout their lives.

Is it wrong for a society to impose such a restriction, or is it more wrong for us to allow new lives to come into this world into lives of neglect and suffering?

Any parent that cares for their child wants the very best for them so we really could do with focusing on what is really the best for them and how to achieve it whatever the cost.

Children are our future, it’s an old saying that has been well worn over the ages, but isn’t it because it is absolutely true. The lives that follow ours must live in the society that we have created for them. The changes and participation in this society is really down to how they were brought up and the environment they grew up and survived in.

The argument for it is very strong and makes me wonder though if this principle is too much. Is there a possibility of ensuring the same result but to a lesser degree of authority? Is it possible that everything needed to know in the future about child care is taught within the school curriculum? But then maybe the question is why it should be? If many children never wish or never become parents in their life this is wasteful schooling. Also the problem with school education in a changing world is that it can rapidly become out of date with opinion and advances in understanding. Or is this another argument, that should school be for life? That is certainly something I personally favour, then the material, the subjects being taught, can be catered to the individual.

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