Memory – Want it working? Get Fit!

There is one important factor in gaining and sustaining a good memory, staying healthy. What is good for the heart is good for your memory, so without thinking about what techniques to follow consider this first.I’ve returned back to my efforts in learning about memory and making sure I get the best out of it. Personally, I am facing colossal amounts of information every day and it always seems to be a balance of time. Do I finish what I need to do or do I study more on memory, in the surety that I can in future accomplish more. Well this latest source of information came out of nowhere of nowhere and I almost ignored it, but as I had something concerning me in the back of my mind I decided to research it – the important of health on your memory.

The brain is a complex system of cells that need to be fed by the nutrition and energy from the body’s cardiovascular system. This high dependency makes it vulnerable to all the issues that face the heart, so much so it is vital for its optimum ability that we maintain cardiovascular fitness.

There is always the argument of whether nature or nurture is the dominant factor in how good someone’s memory but nurture, as in other debates on the human condition is by far the most important. There may a factor of quality determined by what genes you were given by your parents as to how great a memory you are capable of. However it seems that the biggest difference you can kame is by establishing good healthy habits, as early in your life as possible and maintaining them throughout.

The brain draws its nutritional and energy needs from the intricate system of blood vessels that permeate it. Controlling blood pressure and cholesterol help it to ensure that these are delivered where they are needed without blockage or slowing down. Smoking is a huge factor in this and one that hits myself and others hard in the damage it can, and probably already has, done. Your diet is incredibly important also, reducing the amount of saturated fats that can ultimately clog up these delicate vessels. In the worst case, the clogging up of these vessels is well known for causing ‘stroke’, where a major part of your brain is shut down and the chaos that ensues in the person’s life who have suffered from it. It is easy to imagine the many, many small versions of this that may go on inside the brain before the major event ever comes into being.

So, the advice to myself, most strongly put, especially when advancing in years, is that you must look after your heart. Take all the solid recommended steps to ensure that you do. Your memory, indeed in the extreme, your life, is such an important thing to protect – then you must look after your heart.

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