Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-20

  • If the speed of light is constant, how does a photon have an ability to remain at constant motion? Unless of course it is not moving at all. #
  • Oh boy! If all these things that I have been writing about don't work out as I planned I'm going to look really stupid! #
  • Here's to making the right decisions at the right time! And the ability to shut up and disappear if it all goes wrong! #
  • @ScubaScorpion – question was more to do with the info of how one instant of time/space connects to another – ie 'c' is constant everywhere in reply to ScubaScorpion #
  • Call to go Beyond a One World Government #egov #foia #gov20 #ogov #opengov #
  • #RT This If You Don't Mind Retweeting Any Old Rubbish #
  • When I clicked on HUMOR in BP Public Relations is top of the list ??? #
  • #RT How NORMAL are you? … I checked on Google Maps, it told me I was 3.4 miles from Normal #
  • #RT This If You Never Get Retweeted #
  • What am I doing? Have I got nothing better to do than play with Twitter 🙂 #
  • The best way to find yourself … is to ask the question 'Where Am I?' #
  • I guess I like watching Twitter posts go by when I am thinking about a problem, the pulse of humanity flows by and often inspires… #
  • What can one person do when he knows he has an answer to the major problems in the world, but he doesn't have the skills to communicate it? #
  • Challenges Facing Automatic WordPress Database Updating and Sourcing: #
  • With Automation Comes a Sense of Great Power?: #
  • Terms and Conditions Restrictions – Are They Protecting Anyone?: #
  • No Children Unless You Pass a Degree in Childcare: #
  • Architecture Model Definition to Allow Open Source Interoperability: #
  • Let's Reinvent the Wheel – Again: #
  • Call to Go Beyond a One World Government: #
  • Rules Based Queuing System For Optimum Downloading of Web Information: #
  • Planning the Production of Useful Microniche Sites With WordPress: #
  • Choosing Niches, Microniches, Or Nanoniches: #
  • Management Challenges of Open Source: #
  • Today I've invented "For Absolutely No Reason At All Day". So anyone reading this, for absolutely no reason at all, 'Have A Brilliant Day!' #
  • Happy 'For Absolutely No Reason At All' Day everyone, have a brilliant day! #facebook #worldcup #Retweet #Shoutout to #all @ #Twitter #
  • Now I must leave Twitter alone, it looks busy and pre-occupied, back to #writing #
  • We need people like Michael Sandel to help us understand important ideas of morality that we hold #
  • Eek – I'm walking the tightrope between two opposite worlds – and absolutely failing in both – really need to get better at this! #
  • A bit better for #HAHD Now 38 Articles written and one for redemption, a little behind the 100, still going for the personal goal 400 #
  • Democracy – Have We Lost the Art of Debate?: #
  • Creating a child!!! — Well a Twenty Ten child that is – To avoid confusion it's a template for the upcoming version of WordPress, #
  • @daveyates Above the fold looks great – well done David in reply to daveyates #
  • Got really excited about running loads of microniches under WordPress Multisite – then I started thinking about the database underneath :{ #
  • Am I right in thinking 100 separate WP installs will require less CPU/DB usage than 1 WPMS with 100 in its network? #
  • @daveyates Product pages – highly usable, detailed but clear, interactive – looks good to me – Nice job David in reply to daveyates #
  • #WordPress 3.0 + Custom Post Types + Permalinks = 404 Error … Grrrrrrrr I had high hopes for this… #

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