One World Dream

A simple idea – the idea that the world can be shared equally amongst everyone.

Taking some time out from site creation I have been looking around the Wayback Machine and found some of my old posts. This one has been with me for some time but I posted a little on my old OpenOutsource site back in 2003 – a One World Dream.

I’ll just place the text in here rather than have all the old forum styles come over – plus the original post didn’t have any pictures, that’s just me getting more thoughtful about how my posts should look.

Earth held in the palms of your hand


It is just an idea, a dream that probably belongs to everyone in some form or another. This is just something that has haunted me since being a child – the idea of there being one world. Of course there is a ‘possibility’ of extra-terrestrial contact some time but the idea of ‘one world’ is a principle not a statement.

Imagine everyone talking in the same language, having the same legal and economical rights and liberty, belonging to the same world but respecting each others spiritual, cultural and academic points of view.

Same language – why this language? why any other? why not our best language people creating a structured new language that can be accurately specified and carefully updated by choice, the best that they can create. Not the current loose growing babel that suffers vague evolutions with every generation that comes.

Gaza Wall falling

Credit: samdaq (at) hotmail

No more boundaries – no more walls…

One governmentrun by each soul of this planet, each having the same rights, power and responsibilities.

Wherever cultural, academic, spiritual or regional barriers exist then they should be removed if they are seen collectively as a barrier.

No one person has direct control or power over another. There is only one that has power over a soul and it is that which has power over all. The legal power thereafter rests in the rules decided by all.

Credit: emkeller

Responsibility firstly is to the self, then the family, then the world and then whatever boundaries we are aware of in our perceptions.

Responsibility to find truth, to find better things, ideas and creations.

Everything to be collectively governed and created by our best principles.

The principles that govern all decisions will be the best principles that the whole community can create at that time. These may change, but will be at any time in history the most positive and good principles that the community can possibly create.

A very veiled start to writing, but I will return to it from time to time…

ooen replied: Personally, I think English should be picked. I realize that it can create a lot of problems, but I also think that you need to be pragmatic as you try to accomplish something like this.

FX:Soapbox out
No – Not English
My wife and I have different mother tongues and explaining the quirks of English can become quite exhausting. It’s even worse when you take into account idioms, phrases etc…

House of Cards: Tower of BabelLook how much this language is running away and being added to all the time, there are so many variations of it. IMHO

ooen replied: It is true that there are so many variations of English today. Different idioms, phrases, etc. However, it is a result of wide adaptation of English, and(I don’t think) it’s a fault of the language.

I would suggest it should be run much like an Open Standard, where each change gets suggested and agreed in a controlled manner.

ooen replied: To a certain extent, something like that should be done. However, I also think that one needs to be pragmatic about it, i.e., the acquisition of the language that would bring the biggest financial return kind of need to be chosen. It’s not that difficult to find out what that language is …

I fully accept that English is the best choice at this moment in time, because of the weight of documentation that uses it. To convert all to a new or different language would be a colossal task (unless the syntactical parsing could be automated). But from my own experience I do lay a lot of blame on the language itself, it is a mix of many language itself and very indefinite in places, even to the point of the sounds that letter combinations make.

There are so many advantages in creating a new language, to create a definite means of connecting and manipulating concepts that can be communicated between intelligent systems and people alike.

As an aside, I remember an old joke that existed in the DOS days when considering making the office pc fully voice recognition enabled. There would be a discussion between the tech support guy and his apprentice cleaning down a hard drive:

:Apprentice: So it’s “FORMAT DRIVE C:”
:Tech Support: Nods his head
:Apprentics: “ARE YOU SURE”
:Tech Support: “YES”
The sound of 20 PC Hard drives in the office start whirring away…

gm1234 replied: I agree completely [Edit: and left 3 urls – Forum Spam hasn’t changed much in seven years has it!  😎 ]

Well the joke is old and lost in time. Should I explain? No… Maybe not…

Credit: psd

The idea here focused on the language aspect which is just an idea that stems from it. I realised too that what I was trying to do with OpenOutsource was connected with all this – the original intention with it was to create a freelance exchange site that would eventually be controlled and run by all of its users. That project failed…

Beyond One World was created to try and pull all the ideas together in one place when the Google Project 10 to the 100 appeared, … that too was unsuccessful. I put it down to the fact that I wasn’t very good at writing and capturing an audiences’ imagination. Hence, this blog was created, or rather me entering into Internet Marketing part of it. The idea now is to both learn the skills of actually becoming interesting (as far as writing is concerned) and to earn a living whilst doing it.

As yet, the success of this is debatable 🙂 … We’ll see … I’m certainly working hard on it 🙂

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