Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-21

  • Just spent ages removing 100s of spam posts and users from 🙁 That wasn’t what I had hoped for this site… #
  • Can’t seem to learn the lesson of not putting any more work into my #30DC site – it’s a black hole, more effort in=lower in SERPs=>MOVE ON!! #
  • Sometimes even with the best advice #30DC – If you set off a tripwire somewhere (Google) your required effort multiplies beyond practical #
  • Or maybe the biggest mistakes I’m committing are ‘impatience’ and ‘unwilling to accept defeat’? #30DC – Two dangerous characteristics #
  • Right, back to my original plan, if sites are likely to fail, then create loads of them, probablility will even itself out!! Here goes… #
  • @Ed_Dale Add &gl=US to your request in the address bar in reply to Ed_Dale #
  • @Ed_Dale Did I hear some PC Users snigger then – come on! – behave… in reply to Ed_Dale #
  • Wow! It’s getting harder & harder thinking of an ORIGINAL idea, that someone hasn’t wrote an article on (and bought the domain name) #
  • @KindCanine The #30DC Facebook Application | Twitterflea ??? That site is scary – looks like its auto generated in reply to KindCanine #
  • It’s such a beautiful day today! The sun has been shining with the promise of the spring and summer ahead 🙂 What could possibly go wrong?.. #
  • MWUHAHAHA! – No reason really …. Just felt I had to say it …. #
  • Forum comment spam is getting more sophisticated – I think there must be something similar to article spinners out there creating comments? #
  • RT @daveyates: new on : How to Write an Amazing Article #30dc #
  • CHART OF THE DAY: Here’s How Much A Unique Visitor Is Worth #
  • What Social Media Users Want [STATS] | Most want news – except for … MySpace – Who want games and celeb gossip #
  • Looking for group of people (a hashtag?) who like sharing different (oft’ novel) ways of making money on the Internet-any suggestions? #30DC #
  • I am fascinated by Google Social Circle #
  • @alanwebninja There’s no one at #russianmafia atm? in reply to alanwebninja #
  • OK – I’ll make one up #SEOIdeas Hashtag – Send any interesting, unusual or new ways that SEO is being used to make money #
  • #SEOIdeas For SEO ideas that someone has published that creates new or better ways, methods or tricks to make money online #
  • #SEOIdeas Send the URL and a brief point about why you think its new, interesting or useful #
  • #SEOIdeas Interesting and easy way of using powerpoint to create videos #
  • Create a ToDo List – Good Idea – Everything coming in prioritise, put in list – Good Idea – Not have any time left to do ToDo List – Ouch!! #

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