Preseason 30 Day Challenge Notes Part 4

Almost there – finished the modules here and going through the social bookmarks.

Facebook App

I can certainly appreciate the amount of work that went into getting the 30 Day Challenge Facebook App working and it is good to see it all working within it. There are some template issues at the moment I think – for me the forum doesn’t fit in the page properly and the right hand side is cut off, so I cannot use it from Facebook at the moment. Well done to the guys from Cananda who pulled that all together – they should think about making the package generic and selling it on 🙂


It’ll be interesting to meet face to face others that are going through the same process – however because I missed the start last year (and will not wait for this years) then it might be something that I will never get to see 🙁


This is for taking photos of your screen. If you are a OneNote user like me however it has a nice simple capture function. I nearly dismissed because of that however when I noticed that Jing could also capture movies too I was sold 🙂

Install Market Samurai / Market Samurai Overview

Having already bought Market Samurai I was happy to see the overview – I am keen to find out they the 30 Day Challengers use it 🙂

Mindset – by Karl Moore

This is the most important area in my humble opinion. I think that 99% of failure will be due to personal attitudes and the handling of the oncoming pressures of learning the 30 Day Challenge. However, I felt that Karl’s message was coming over all fluffy and too nice and very deliberate in tone which doesn’t appeal to me at all – I want to see the real Karl (maybe that is the real Karl?) – I guess I am becoming an old cynic 🙂

It doesn’t mean I will not be listening to what he has to say though, I know the message is right so I will be digging to cure my own doubts and disbeliefs in what I do.

My blog is becoming a bit of a notebook for me and sometime in the future I fully intend to get all my projects up there – self-development is certainly the most important project that any person can undertake.

30DC – Setting Expectations

Ed Dale separates the 30DC from all the other hyped up ‘make money online’ sales messages that are seen all over the place and I have seen hundreds of them 🙁

In fact I think I am now an absolute expert in this area, I know the methods used, I know the catches employed and believe me they are becoming sooooo subtle now and now I am sad to say, I shudder when I see a new one. It’s not that they are trying to ‘con’ you – (well mostly – I have seen some bad ones) – they all work to their respected areas and will make money.

Anyone coming to this for the first time will have their defences up and quite rightly will want to know what the catch is – Well I’ll tell you

– Ed is going to do well out of all the successful marketers produced.


Because when he introduces programs later that will help you beyond the initial stages shown in the 30 Day Challenge you are going to listen, most likely you will be more than happy to pay to join in.

So in essence – there really is no catch here. Honestly – I am an expert in this remember – and very cynical 🙂

I think that Ed Dale must get a real kick out of how successful this program is becoming and that must give him a lot of inspiration to keep making this work year on year. The first 30 Day Challenge I understand took place in 2005 and personally I am disappointed in myself I didn’t see it happen – 927 people did and they went through it. In 2008 they had 50,000 people go through! I would like to know how last years (2009) did 🙂

In my opinion anyone following this and putting in the effort Will Make Money, as long as they keep going, over any mistakes, any bad choices, or any place where they didn’t put in the sufficient effort.

As long as they stick to the program and not give up.

You really only ever fail at one moment – it is the last moment where you decide to give up…

A lot of respect to him and his team as they keep this program going…

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