Tis a sad day indeed, when fluffy bunny ones go to seed

“Tis a sad day indeed”, “When fluffy bunny ones go to seed!”

Imagine waking up one day with the secret to the meaning of life!!!

In my 20’s, whilst searching, pondering and meditating upon the deepest navel you could imagine, upon the real meaning of my own existence with every one else – I slept – I then awoke with this sentence from a forgotten lucid dream. The dream had uncovered around me from some eternal place of infinite knowledge, the actual answers to the “Who Am I”, the meaning of life, God, the universe, of nothing and everything – in fact included all things unknown.

The first moments of waking were euphoric, I was overjoyed at knowing this. Everything at last made perfect and absolute sense.

I was almost ecstatic.

I was waking and bringing back into the conscious and sensible world that one thing that would make a real difference – forever. Think what this would mean to everyone around me!

Imagine my disappointment when my left brain kicked in a thought – “Hold on – Something seems to have got lost in translation”

Never got back there again…

Any response to this that includes mention of factors, multiples of or even 42 itself will be severely gargle blasted.

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