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One of the easiest ways of starting up on the Internet is finding a system that works and following it precisely. Of course the problem is finding the system in the first place because you will realise as soon as you start looking a load of hungry Internet Marketers out there will pounce and want you email address onto their lists. Believe me once you have been looking for any substantial period of time your inbox will be getting floods of new systems that you must absolutely pay for right now or you will be missing the biggest thing since … well … yesterday.

I will promote one course at this point which does give you the essential basics for free and if you are new to the web is an essential first point of contact in my humble opinion. The course is run by Ed Dale and his crew and is called ‘The Challenge’. If you are brand new to Internet Marketing and don’t know where to start then this is the place to go. I don’t see anyone else at this time catering so well for newcomers to this online world, but they do need to think clearly about what they should do going forward…

There is though so much more to learn about making money on the Internet and the beauty – or problem – of it is that it is always changing. The Internet is going to keep evolving, at times drastically for some time yet and the effectiveness of different methods will come and go all the time.

So how do you really keep up without constantly having to look for the latest guru or product. Of course the assumption you have to have is that you will be able to find the best courses all the time. For me I’m afraid this is all noise…

Somehow you have to have a system whereby you can measure for yourself how good any process is and test for yourself.

The ideal system you have should enable you too seek, find and emulate any processes that are giving a return and see for yourself how effective they are. Then apply tweaks and changes here and there to see how you can reuse and improve upon them. Any system that you can prove to your self provides you more benefit than cost you can then see what the effects and costs are when you scale them up. Scaling up can be either through more effort, automation or outsourcing.

Well it all sounds very simple and plausible but of course the web is full of factors. Factors that effect each other, factors that are unknown to you, factors that maybe you misunderstood in the beginning and can change at any time or in any market. But this is the challenge you face. Either follow the leader or find a way of testing for yourself. Indeed the better way is probably a combination of the two.

In essence though, to really learn how to be successful and grow online you have to ‘test the web’. Without some idea of how effective you are and measuring only the final, but most essential, measure of how much profit you make you will be going forward blind and not learning.

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