The Sad State of Internet Marketing

Have you noticed lately that Internet ‘gurus’ are getting noisier? The latest trend seems to be either they are retiring – but still send you the latest product affiliate links in their emails or they are ‘trashing’ each other.

What is going on?

The trashing of each other is reaching epidemic proportions. I am beginning to think that Salty Droid really should just sit back with a big bag of popcorn and watch them eat themselves out of existence. How many times have you seen them trash alll their peers and tell you explicitly that everyone else is lying except for them.

There seems to be an unfinished quote here … “An Internet Market never dies, they …???” – fill in you whatever comes to mind.

Maybe we should feel sorry for them … ahem!

Maybe they have set up such a great automated system that it is now impossible to shut it down? Is that ever likely?

– Or –

They have become ill with the ‘killer’ ability to create money on demand just by sending out emails that are created by the person who created the product.

I am not sure … What do I know?

I just know that I have been ‘pattern interrupted’ out of buying any products from now on.

Or maybe I just feel I have been so stupid in following so many of them, it hurts to admit that, wasting so much time learning and not actually doing. Believe me I am dealing with serious consequences of this and whenever I have asked any ‘guru’ for help, or pointer in the right direction … I have been ignored. I will tell this story sometime in the future when and if I recover and stop feeling the pain…

I am positive, I still believe in myself, although for a while I really felt I was a ‘real failure’ … but the damage done will take a lot of recovery…

Anyone have any predictions on the future of Internet Marketing?…

I have a product … I am working on it right now … it goes something like this. Try something … Test it … Do this as quickly as possible in the time you have – Work as hard as you can and as effectively as you can. If something looks like it works, scale up if you can by automation or outsourcing. If it doesn’t – learn from your failures, they are ‘just the results of a test’.

I just know that when I do get through I am determined to help others that I select who are in the same situation and pull them out … my promise … I call it the ‘Wolf Avoidance Society’ … anyone who does get helped HAS to do the same to a number of others (it’ll be a condition – a ‘pay it forward’)… I still want to do as much good as possible, even though it seems really easy just to feed on the increasing numbers of the helpless.

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